Udders’ Ice Cream Workshop & Buffet

If you love ice cream like I do, you may want to try the following recipe to make your own homemade ice cream! I pick it up at Udders’ workshop and thought it was really easy! You should bring your kids along or try it with your friends or family! Otherwise, try it yourself with the following steps and make your kids work for their own ice cream! Haha.


Our company’s SRC organized a Ice cream workshop cum buffet event at Udders and what’s not to like to try making ice cream and eat all you want at a subsidized rate!


We tried making chocolate ice cream (which you are to choose from Vanilla, Coconut or Chocolate ice cream!)



  • 1 part fresh milk (they recommended Greenfield brand)
  • 1 part whipping cream
  • Hersey’s chocolate syrup (for vanilla ice cream, use icing sugar and vanilla pod, for coconut ice cream, add coconut milk instead of whip cream)


  • A huge bag of ice in a huge zip lock bag
  • 1 long tea towel that is big enough to wrap the entire bag of ice
  • 1 small zip lock bag
  • 1 mixing bowl and a mixing soup
  • Salt

Step 1

Pour all the ingredients into the mixing bowl (Fresh milk, whipping cream, chocolate syrup to taste). The more chocolate / sugar you add, the lower the freezing pointing it requires, and this will affect the length of time you need to shake your booty.


Step 2

Pour the ingredients into a small ziplock bag


Step 3

Push out the air in the ziplock bag using the edge of the table


Step 4

Add salt (any amount you like depending on how big the bag of ice is, the idea is to lower the temperature of the ice) to the bag of ice.


Step 5

Shake and mix the salt with the ice


Step 6

Dump your bag of mixed ingredients into the bottom of the salted-ice.


Step 7

Wrap your bag of ice with a tea towel covering all edges to keep the temperature in.


Step 8

Shake your booty!

Step 9

After about 5 – 10 minutes later, check if your ice cream is hardened enough. If not, continue step 8.


Step 10

You are ready for your homemade ice cream! Yummy! You can store it in the freezer for 2 – 3 days!


I can’t wait to try making Green Tea ice cream! The best part about this workshop is that you can eat all you can! But of course, how much ice cream can one eat right? Haha.

I had Tiramisu, Green Tea, Lychee Martini and Mao Shan Wang! Their best is still all their alcoholic range! Haha.




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