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Gelato. Pasta. Pizza.


We have decided to go to Italy for our honeymoon! So bye bye hicken rice, laksa, nasi lemak and hello gelato, pasta, pizza! Even though we have been pouring through guidebooks we are still as clueless as before! Which hotel to stay? What to visit? Where to start off?

There is one thing we are sure of, tour group is not for us. Even though we may not have the time to do any detailed planning…

  1. Travelling with a bunch of old people / families with children
  2. Spending half the time in a 40 seater coach and the other half of our time waiting for latecomers
  3. Being herded around a city filled with history and amazing stories
  4. Being given a black face by other tour members just when we want to grab a gelato and refusing to get up the coach
  5. Missing local farmer’s market / Sunday market
  6. Not knowing where we are half the time except that we are on the road
  7. Being force feed with lousy food when all we crave is a thin crust four cheese pizza

The list can go on and now it doesn’t sound all that appealing just because we are lazy to plan. So we have come to a unanimous agreement that we will save up the $1000 SA tour travel vouchers for a Bali getaway early next year!

We have listed a few places we must go (1) Florence, (2) Pisa, (3) Venice, (4) Rome, (5) Vatican City and if schedule permit (6) Milan.

But other than that, we are clueless! So my fellow well travelled friends and blog readers, I need some help!

  1. Any hotel recommendations for each city? We are fine with local hotel chain of 3 to 4 stars hotel but more importantly the location must be easily accessible via their MRT/Train stations.
  2. Must visit places to visit in each city?
  3. Must try restaurant / eateries?
  4. Any interesting off the beaten path?

All your help is very much appreciated!

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Where to get Nantucket?

Anyone know where can I get this in Singapore? I spotted this behind a row of shop houses near Tanjong Pagar! Oh, but first I need to get my white lady bike! Haha.


I love August: Young Executive of the Year




First I was nominated by the management and I know for a strategic reason but I am both flattered and humbled. Then, I won it, without even half expecting to win it. It is a prestigious award in the industry and I am in shocked.


At the end of the event, I even won 5th place in the lucky draw. I have never NEVER won anything in a lucky draw, it must be my lucky night! 8 & 5 is my lucky number. With DOB 8885, Unit No 0858 and my invitation card 0558, I won’t the 5th prize! Haha. The prize is crazy amazing too! I won $1000 worth of travel vouchers (going to our honeymoon! Yay!), a Harrods hamper filled with awesome goodies and a Bosch Universal Food Processor (He knows I can’t afford a KitchenAid!) worth $1199!

The only draw back that night? The media took a picture of me looking bloated and plump and even published it the next day. ARGH!


OMG. I’m so blessed that night! It was crazy! In my head I was thinking, “Shit shit shit, someone, quick pinch me!”

Well wishes and congratulatory wishes came pouring in the next few days but I was already back to the “mere mortal” mode on the second day! Back to my hectic life!

Hello lovelies! It has been a while! I know I know! I am so blessed recently and there is a huge huge news to share which I kept for the past week! Will be updating here soon! See ya!


I’m going Melbourne / Sydney from 1 to 8 September as part of a work / study / incentive trip! One of the itinerary is to visit the Fine Food Australia Fair in Sydney and I can’t wait to try all the yummy treats!

fine food

Advertorial: Flair Flare in the house!

As part of the new agreement to SbR’s sponsorship deal for this coming Financial Year (starting August), SbR has agreed to write a Monthly Advertorial for my sponsors – Lennel and Cheng Wei who started sponsoring this site since 2009 (History: Here). To entice them to continue their sponsorship (they recently complained that this is a poor sponsorship deal!), I’ve thrown in a Monthly Advertorial write up of anything under the sun! Haha.

This month, we will be featuring a new kid on the block – Flair Flare! It’s not a new café or a new blogshop, it’s a fur ball with a huggable and a lovable nature!

photo (3)

She loves ice cubes, jogging, high society music (only live piano performance and no trashy “Who let the dog out?” pop) and is really shy! At her prime age of 21 years (aka 3 dog years), she has attracted countless wolf whistles and stares when going for her daily walk!

photo (5)

If you are keen to befriend Flair Flare, do add her on her facebook page here! A “Flair Flare Meet & Greet Session” is in the pipeline and all other fur balls are welcome to join! Barley has already registered her interest so what are you waiting for!

photo (7)

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Bought these cute rings at Scape’s bazaar sale yesterday! It was really cheap! 3 for $10! Pretty amazing! I spotted an exact same ring at the stall and at a blogshop and the blogshop is selling at $9 (after discount!). Happy with my buy! Heh.

photo (6)

I Love August 2011: And Barley too!

During National Day holiday we brought Barley out for a walk! She loves excursion! I winded down the windows the moment we were near ECP and she started sniffing away! HAH. She also met many other paw pals along the way and she was really cool and calm about it (unlike her usual overly excited self). She must be in a really good mood.

Picture 024

Picture 030

Picture 031

Picture 034

I Love Barley!

I love August 2011: New Role

Starting from August onward, I have a new role, a larger office, a door to my office, greater responsibilities and brand new freedom! I’m excited yet a little nervous about this greater responsibilities! Oh Lord, give me wisdom and strength! Friends, wish me luck in this brand new journey at work!


I Love August 2011: It’s my birthday!

I love August! This August there are so many exciting things happening in my life and gosh, it’s exhilarating! First off, today it’s MY BIRTHDAY! Thank you dear friends and families for the birthday wishes, midnight smses and facebook messages! I felt so loved! I took leave today and tomorrow it’s a Public Holiday! Yippee!

Decides to start work at 7 today and stepping out of the house at 6 and in the dark reminds me of secondary school days!

Barley in Yellow

His mum wanted to get Barley a top for her car ride to prevent her fur from flying around! We spotted some baby clothes at a wet market and got her this for $2 bucks. HAHA. I don’t think it actually helps, but she looks insanely adorable! Haha.

I wanted to get her gender identifying clothes (e.g pink!) but he prefers something neutral. Does that means our future kids are going to wear gender neutral clothes too! OMG.

photo (2)

photo (1)


Mt Sapola

We recently got a home spa set and tried it once. Love the texture of the body scrub, the scent of the essential oil (lemon grass!) and the scent and feel of the massage oil. Mmmm.