I love August: Young Executive of the Year




First I was nominated by the management and I know for a strategic reason but I am both flattered and humbled. Then, I won it, without even half expecting to win it. It is a prestigious award in the industry and I am in shocked.


At the end of the event, I even won 5th place in the lucky draw. I have never NEVER won anything in a lucky draw, it must be my lucky night! 8 & 5 is my lucky number. With DOB 8885, Unit No 0858 and my invitation card 0558, I won’t the 5th prize! Haha. The prize is crazy amazing too! I won $1000 worth of travel vouchers (going to our honeymoon! Yay!), a Harrods hamper filled with awesome goodies and a Bosch Universal Food Processor (He knows I can’t afford a KitchenAid!) worth $1199!

The only draw back that night? The media took a picture of me looking bloated and plump and even published it the next day. ARGH!


OMG. I’m so blessed that night! It was crazy! In my head I was thinking, “Shit shit shit, someone, quick pinch me!”

Well wishes and congratulatory wishes came pouring in the next few days but I was already back to the “mere mortal” mode on the second day! Back to my hectic life!

About somethingboutrenes

A lady with many random thoughts and braving this whimsical world with a simple faith. In love with all things vintage and pieces with a story to tell. Loves blogging, enjoys Yoga and has an urgent need to travel to maintain sanity.

8 responses to “I love August: Young Executive of the Year”

  1. Amanda says :

    Yay!! Congrats!! Happy for you :)

  2. amandina says :

    congrats :)

  3. Sq says :

    Congrates again.. Nt fat/bloated laaa..

  4. YuHui says :

    Congrats!!! :)

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