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Sydney Fish Market

One of my favourite place in Sydney, their Fish Market. It is not a huge place, but it’s great if you can just pop by for lunch!

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Fresh and oh so yummy!

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Other than their fresh and raw items, they have a huge range of cooked yummy treats too!

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Other than a dozen oysters, these were what we ate at 10am (after breakfast!)

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Indecent Ad by Abercrombie & Fitch

This is all over the news!

When I first saw this at Orchard, I first blushed then shyly ogled at the poster. You know when girls go covering their eyes with their hands yet stealing peaks in between their fingers? Yeah. That was what I my mind did when I first saw it.

Now, when I go pass it I openly ogle and analyze his abs. I thought if he didn’t pull down his jeans almost revealing his you-know-what; it won’t have caused such an uproar.

In my view, it is marketing at its purest form. I remembered my marketing lecturer once told me, sex sells, and so I guess, marketers use this as an easy way out? I mean, how else can you differentiate your polo tees? If it’s not the cut, the print, the material, the price, it has got to be its brand, specifically, the association to the brand. A & F is selling dream (or hope) to guys, when someone puts on an A & F with his collar pulled up; he feels sexy and saw the non-existing abs in the mirror.

I don’t want to judge and analyze the moral value behind this, but this goes to show that yes, even though Singaporeans are well travelled, some are in many ways, conservative Asians. Despite the vast American media exposures, some are not accepting when it happens on home ground?

Ignoring all negative news of A & F’s ads, I’m looking forward to the topless hunks at the store and will probably go take a silly Polaroid and grin like a girl in the candy store.

Photo taken in March 2010 at Ginza, Tokyo

A note to guys out there who booed at this ad, don’t blame your girls for ogling, work harder! HAH.

Shucks, my flabs just reminded me to start working out too.

Tuscany with Viator!

Lady J recommended Viator for our day tours and we saw one which we are interested in! Tuscany in One Day Sightseeing Tour!

The highlights for me is really the hearty lunch with wine served at an organic wine estate in the Chianti with wine tasting of four wines (including Chianti, Vernaccia, and Tuscan desert wine!) It is like going for my wine class in the vineyards! I can’t wait to stroll among Chianti vineyards, olive groves and wine cellars too! Another highlight of this tour is to get up-close to the leaning tower of Pisa! So it’s really, killing two birds with one trip! Hee.

Barley Time!

Picture 060

Had a great time with Barley yesterday (minus the bites from mozzies!)! I miss Barley and wish she stays with us everyday instead of living across a grass field with my in-laws. But we can’t bear for her to be alone in the day!

Boardwalk along Twelve Apostle

We are not allowed to go across this barrier but we went ahead for great views and I’m glad I did. I miss those carefree travelling days! I am amazed by all the pictures taken below, it is from my cranky iPhone! Haha.

Picture 050

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Picture 048
We were also blessed with good weather! Look at how blue the sky was!

Picture 047

Sorry for being geeky but it reminded me of my Geography lessons back in school. I love geography! A disgusting little story, during our geography prelim my classmate stained her skirt because of the monthly visit by Ms P, when she stood up, everyone went, Oh…Oxbow lake. HAHA.

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Heli Ride at Twelve Apostle

One of the most unforgettable activities during our Australia trip was the helicopter ride at the Twelve Apostle! The best view is when you can see the entire stretch of coastal line! It is beyond amazing!


Our cute pilot! But frankly speaking, my first thought was uh-oh my life is in the hands on this pretty young lady (perceived as being a novice)! But we cast our reservations and doubts away once we were greeted by the incredible view as the heli takes off.

Can you see the little white dots on the grass field? Those are sheep!



Can you tell someone is afraid of height? Haha.A hint, the guy who does not have height advantage.

Koala and Parrots

I came back from Australia with a mega flu but with lots of fun! Here is one random pit stop we had on the way to Great Ocean Road! We met a wild Koala and some really friendly wild parrots!

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White Bike

Picture 038

Lennel is giving me this pretty white Muji bike! It just needs a bit of clean up, rattan basket and new wheels! Can’t wait to pick it up at his place! Thank you Lennel!