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Dogs in Italy


We saw a lot of dogs in Italy and we concluded that their top 3 most popular breeds (according to what we saw, LOL) are (1) Dachshund (whenever we saw one, we will go, “Oh look, Da Shun”, as though they are Korean. HAHA) , (2) Golden retriever and (3) bitsy / mongrels! We saw many rare breeds too! Pretty!

We missed Barley a lot! In Italy (and probably all of Europe), they can bring their dogs anywhere! Literally! On a train, shopping at Hermes, in a supermarket, in a hotel, anywhere! We saw many dog owners bringing their dogs along for holidays too! Awww.

At Florence, we also saw a Japanese spitz begging for food with a lady outside a supermarket. When we decided to buy some food for them the next day, they were no longer there. Boo.

See, I told you my blog posts are going to be random. HAHA.

Florence, Italy: Vespa Tour around Chianti Region

One of our best moments in Italy was a Vespa tour we signed up for at Viator with Florence Town. It was a scooter tour around the Chianti wine region where we get to tour vineyards, olive groves and view the wine and olive oil making process. It is expensive but it is a unique experience and a chance to learn to ride a scooter without a license! Haha. It costs around SGD$200 per pax for a 5 hour tour which also includes cheese on bread and snacks on our first rest stop, lunch at a mansion and a gelato stop on the way back!




If you want to join the tour, go take a look at Florence Town !

I am back from Italy! There are so many things to blog about and I have no idea where and how to start! I am just going to go random with my blogging! Hang in there if you want to look at the most beautiful church wedding I have ever attended (HAHA), random DIY projects I did for the weddings and our Italy honeymoon!

Off to Italy in a few hours!