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Lego Ad

Someone spotted this at Pasir Ris and posted it on Facebook! It’s really cool! Can someone go verify it? Haha. If it is true, it is WOW, if it is not, it is still wow. Haha.

Stay Fertile.

I came across an article on Fertility and thought it is really funny! Ok, but I should take it seriously!

Couples should:
• Maintain a normal weight, exercise and eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and antioxidants (I am of normal weight so is baby, but we should exercise more and I should eat more fruits, vegetables and antioxidants.)
• Stop smoking – smoking impairs sperm quality and female smokers are 1.6 times more likely to be infertile (We are both non-smokers. Baby, stop thinking of the cigar you smoked at your boss’s place)
• Limit alcohol intake to two drinks per day (If you average it out, we are surely drinking less than two a day but we are looking at 4 glasses to 0)
• Use lubricants (if they use them) which will not hinder conception (We can explore. Haha)

Women should:
• Limit coffee intake to one cup a day; high levels of caffeine are associated with decreased fertility and an increased risk of miscarriage (I don’t drink coffee but I love tea.)
• Take folic acid to prevent certain birth defects (Not yet I guess)

Men should:
• Wear loose-fitting undergarments (This is the funny one! Yes but true! Skip those skinny jeans!)
• Avoid extremely hot temperatures, such as hot tubs or saunas (Another funny one. No more trips to Japan / Taiwan for their Onsen, haha)

Cake Books.

With him all interested in baking bread, I have a sudden urge to pick up baking cakes too! My cake baking experience is an embarrassment of the century. I’m mortified by my edible but slightly lumpy Oreo Cheesecake (I call it Chunky Cheesecake), slippery strawberry cheesecake (that never set and turned into yogurt once I removed the cake tin) and my recent fruit cake episode (which was all burnt on the top).

But I am still determined (at least for a short while) to try my hands on baking again!

After a quick research online through various forums and top cake recipe authors, I’ve a list of authors who are popular among cake bakers. The “+” means the number of people who said it is good in a forum I read. After I read the reviews in eBay, Amazon and a few others, these authors are mostly good. If there is 1 person who said it is bad, I will strike it off my list. So what’s left is here, some of them gave a specific book title that is good some just listed that the author is good.

I have top 4 books which I am really interested (which I have included the pictures) but I should check it out at Kino before buying them, some of the books are really old so I got to see if the language is easy to understand. Haha.


Nick Malgieri – Perfect Cakes (+ 5) Someone called him King of Cakes


Tish Boyle – The Cake Book (+ 4)

Dorie Greenspan (+3)

Carole Walter – Great cakes / Perfect cakes (+ 3)



Marcel Desaulniers – Desserts to Die for / Death by Chocolate (+ 2)

Maida Haetter (+ 2) The someone also called her the queen of cakes

James Mcnair (+ 1)

Rose Levy Beranbaum (+ 1) She wrote The Cake Bible which is well received by experience cake baker.

Anyone tried their recipes? Any other recommendations?

Bread. Tea. Fondue.


We went shopping today and bought a couple of stuffs!

(1) A book on making artisan breads in five minutes. No prize for guessing who the book is for. I prefer my sweet treats! Haha.

(2) An English teapot. We are both tea lovers and we were using our wedding teapot previously which was tiny! Now with this huge English teapot we should be able to serve up tea for four!

(3) A fondue set. Always wanted a fondue set for our guests! Won’t it be nice to have a sweet wine with some chocolate fondue strawberry at our mini alfresco dining space. Haha.

Mustard and French Toast.


In a Mustard top ready for church! I’m glad I went church today after 3 weeks of missing service because of work commitment! Praise the Lord!


He made us French Toast and pan fried chicken fillet for a light brunch before heading out! Thank you dear!


We went shopping and I found a cute owl earring to add to my collection! Hoot!

Baby Talk (No, I’m not pregnant).

How did your Chinese New Year house visiting gone? For us, we broke our bank giving red packets for the first year and combat nosy aunties asking personal questions.

As per every year, every one of a certain age group and various life stages will have to combat these nosy aunties who swoop around like a hawk asking personal questions.

  • When you are 18 years and above, single without a partner in sight, they will ask “Hey boy, where is your girlfriend?”
  • When you are 25 years and above, attached but not married, they will ask “Eh, ah boy, when you all getting married?”
  • When you are 25 years and above, married but without kids, they will ask “Eh, when you all having a dragon (may change depending on the zodiac sign) baby?”
  • When you are 28 years and above, married with one child, they will ask “Not planning for a second one?”

They have endless of questions and until you met their expectations of being married with two or more children, they will come hounding you down!

This CNY, we also met and talked to his cousin who recently conceive and is three months pregnant (congrats! And yay, all attention on them for the first 15 minutes and the glare came back to us swiftly!), made us think of our baby making plans. *STOP WONDERING* we are not ready to have a child just yet! But they got us thinking to start prepping our body for the future! According to them, it is not as simple as, “Let’s make baby”, “pssszt”, “Ooo, I’m pregnant!”. It’s unlike what’s shown on TV, people don’t just get pregnant that easily and by the time you are “ready” to have a kid, your body may take another 1 year to be ready, then another 9 months to put the baby together in your tummy and you have just spent two years before the baby is ready for collection. So this year, I will be busy exercising ( I hope!) and eating healthy for a baby perhaps 1 to 2 years down the road.

For the record, I don’t want a baby now, at this very moment, because we still hates each other at home with all the annoying habits we each have. It is taking a long time to get use to each other. I say give us 2 years, no, maybe 20 years. Also, for some selfish reasons, I want to maintain being hot and desirable (I’m assuming I still am. HAHA) and he is still very much a child inside! I can’t handle a big baby (he will say the same of me) and a tiny baby at a time!

2012 CNY Gathering with SSSS

photo (10)
We just had a CNY gathering with the SSSS girls and their plus ones! I’m blessed to marry a Masterchef who prepared all the food for our steamboat! Perfect soup and yummy ingredients! The SSSS girls also brought along drinks, wine and cakes! Flare was here too and she is too cute and friendly to resist! Haha. But we all agree she can be a little more active! CW should register for Boot Camp training for Flare! Maybe I should start a Boot Camp for dogs to make them exercise more! Hah! Great company and great food! Love it!

photo (4)

All the girls are getting married this year! Yay! Join our club!

Back and Free.

Dear SbR readers,

You must be wondering if I am alive as I was missing in action for almost a month. If you are curious of what the past few weeks of my life looks like, fret not, you have not missed out on anything. It was pure fire fighting at work, transforming snowy Christmas mood into Ching Chong Lunar New Year mood within 3 days, and 13 hours work day everyday for the next 21 days.

I finally got to rest my feet and mind last Sunday, CNY Eve day at 5pm and am back to work this morning to give out red packets on behalf of my company. Yes, I only rested for 1.5 days. So, if you are feeling BLUE about going back to work after 4 rest days, think about me and you will feel much better.

This once a year torture is finally over and I am finally free! I love how my calendar looks like for the next two weeks! I’ll be taking leave on Friday (I’ve yet to inform my boss HAH), visiting vertical farm, partying at Hooters for our executive gathering, having Management Trainee dinner and messing up more Yu Sheng and I love it!

I am finally back and you can expect more posts in the next few days. I’ve yet to post up some of my favourite wedding pictures from OEC and many other random thoughts and posts!

Till then, eat, laugh and have a Blessed New Year!