Maison Kayser @ Scotts Square



Other than FairPrice Finest, another awesome place to hang out at Scotts Square is Maison Kayser bakery! They are not only popular in France and Japan, their soft opening garnered a huge crowd too! One trick to ensure that their bread taste awesome is to eat it while it’s hot! Singapore’s humidity turns their bread into hard chewy bun really quickly!

I tried their piping hot Croissant fresh out from the oven, it was heavenly! Love the crispy crust, soft and buttery inside! Gosh, I’m drooling already! I also tried their apple pie and even though it wasn’t hot from the oven, it was still good. Don’t be fooled by it’s name, it’s less like a pie, more like a Croissant filled with apple fillings. Yums! I brought home a Baguette for my dear husband (who is madly in love with bread) and I found it a little hard and chewy but he loves it! The baguette is so french!

It is a little pricey ranging from $2 to $5 each but it is worth every bite. Yums! Drool worthy factor? 5 out of 5! Haha.


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