Social Painting at Arteastiq

photo (31)

I have done it! Social painting at Arteastiq! It seems like this is the up and coming activity to do with your friends! Stephanie and I bought the Groupon voucher at $28 per pax (which includes a drink, a canvas, free flow of acrylic paint and a set of brushes) and it is well worth the $28!

Here are the Good and Bad about Social painting at Arteastiq!


  • Pictures / books available for them to make copies (this is useful if you have no idea what to paint)
  • Provide free flow of acrylic paint (which can be very pricey if you were to paint it at home)
  • Provide palette paper, brushes, and canvas (so you don’t have to fret what to bring/buy)
  • Provide yummy tea (I tried their pomelo tea and liked it!)


  • 3 hours is too short for me to paint a decent painting (we need to pick a picture, mix the colours and paint it! They do provide follow up sessions at $5 per hour if we can’t complete our painting.)
  • Paint brush is of poor quality (which gave a rough texture and it didn’t pick up the paint well)
  • Acrylic paint is of inferior quality (some has been exposed to the air for too long and has became lumpy)
  • Do not provide palette knifes (this is crucial for mixing colours)
  • Poor arrangement of the easel (With two persons sharing one easel, one at each side, I wanted to punch the guy opposite me who violently erase the pencil marks on his canvas while I’m trying to paint)

photo (27)

Overall, this place is definitely not for the professional or trained acrylic painters. Call me a snob or a perfectionist but I felt frustrated many times during the session. Stephanie had to remind me that this is a social painting session and not an art assignment. Hah. But this is definitely a must try for new or first time painters! I love painting and this session has renewed my interest in painting! It could probably be my new hobby. I love that in those 3 hours, all my attention was on the canvas, it is as though the time and space around me have stopped and even if there is a typhoon / war around me, I probably wouldn’t notice it. If I were to choose painting versus baking, I think we have a clear winner here! Even though both require huge efforts before you see the results, I prefer pretty painting than cakes (equals carbs) in my ever growing tummy.

I have asked if I can buy an easel and put it in the balcony and he is all for it! Friends, if I start bringing canvas to your housewarming parties / birthday parties / weddings as gifts, please don’t reject my painting! Haha.

photo (28)

The painting I did at Arteastiq is something which I can’t stand looking at. Not because that it is hideous (almost hideous), but because I knew I can do better than this and this picture doesn’t do my 8 lessons in NAFA justice. I spent 30 minutes mixing the green and painting the green vase only to realize that I have picked a picture which is really challenging. HUGE TIP. Never try something with so many colour tones! The blending and touching up can kill. I ended up finishing 70% of the painting in 1 hour where everything was a blur. BOO. If I can afford another 3 hours, this picture could come out perfect. Haha.

photo (29)

Stephanie – a first time acrylic painter with Chinese painting background – did very well!


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4 responses to “Social Painting at Arteastiq”

  1. G says :

    thanks for the review !! I have been thinking of trying it out but wasnt sure if i can come up with something in 3 hours. I think i should try it now. Anyways, i thought your painting was cute !

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