Heading to Ubud, Bali


We are going for a short getaway to Bali on 22 – 25 March 2012, next Thursday to Sunday. Nope, we are not there for the saucy bikini scene at Kuta (even thought I would love to visit one day), we are heading to Ubud, away from the beach line and into the rice paddy fields and forest trails. It will be a relaxing trip, with spa, yoga, forest trail and hanging out at tiny cafes.  It’s going to be an Eat, Pray, Love trip! Haha. Any tips or recommendations on things to do or eat?

//We promised each other to at least go on a short and a long trip every year together and I’m glad we have been doing that all these years!


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A lady with many random thoughts and braving this whimsical world with a simple faith. In love with all things vintage and pieces with a story to tell. Loves blogging, enjoys Yoga and has an urgent need to travel to maintain sanity.

5 responses to “Heading to Ubud, Bali”

  1. ribena says :

    Hello! I have been a silent reader of your blog (was seeing the progress of your house renos). Saw your post on Bali and just wanted to let you know that I think one of your travel dates falls on the Balinese New Year (23 March 2012). My friends and I were there last year with our only one full day in Bali landing on the New Year. It is a day of quiet reflection for the Balinese so EVERYTHING is closed that day by law – restaurants, convenience stores, even the airport (!) and you have to stay indoors/within your resort area :)

    You may not be that affected as you have a couple of days in Bali (some shops are still open the day before and everything should be open the days after) and you sound like you will mainly be chilling out/relaxing. While in Bali, you can try a nice italian place at Seminyak (but may be a little far from Ubud) – La Lucciola.

    Have fun!

    • somethingboutrenes says :

      Hi There,

      Thanks for dropping by! Oh no, I will be wasting a day in Bali! Looks like I will need to bring a book to read! Hopefully the resort still allow us to waddle in the pool or walk around in the rice paddies.

      What did you all do that day?

  2. ribena says :

    You can check with your resort. As long as you are within the resort compound and not making too much noise, I don’t think they will be that fussed :)

    My husband and I went on that trip with 2 other couples and had a 3-bedroom villa with a pool. With 6 of us, we had company to chat (girls can chat non-stop anyway. heh) and hang out. But essentially, we ate/snacked alot (we bought ALOT of snacks and instant noodles the day before), sun-tanned, swam in the villa pool, slept, read books, talked and watched DVDs that the villa staff passed to us. :) It was very relaxing to say the least. haha…

    • somethingboutrenes says :

      Sounds fun with so many people keeping you company!

      I’ve asked the villa and we will be doing in-house spa, laze by the pool, snack and read a book! Basically Nua-ing. Haha. My husband’s favorite activity!

  3. ribena says :

    have loads of fun :) !!

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