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His Ribeye and Garlic Bread

Two Sundays ago, Jason whipped up yummy ribeye steak and homemade garlic bread (all from scratch!) to give CW and Lennel a treat at our place to show his appreciation of a favor CW helped him with! So Lennel and I got to eat yummy treats for doing nothing! Haha



Yes, so what if I’m Crazy! Suck it! Hah!

I saw a Garden Gnome at Amazon and it is terribly cute! We wanted to get one for our garden but I don’t see them in our local stores! The shipping charges of a 5kg item from US to SG is terribly expensive if we were to use Vpost and what not!

Is there any kind Singaporeans residing in US who can help bring it back or ship it using local registered parcel which is likely to be cheaper? Please help!


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Haha. Hunger games overkill.


Is this still true? Probably true for cleaning the air, but other than that, it is undoubtedly not better by train these days.

I grabbed this off Facebook as it caught my eyes. I remembered all the worst words/statement used on me when I’m younger and yes, words do have this kind of negative power. So parents/teachers out there, use your words wisely.

Online Books Shopping [Pre-delivery review]

I am addicted to online books shopping! Yes you heard me, I am turning into a nerd! Haha. I bought 5 books till date from 3 websites and 1 has arrived. I love reading physical book, love the smell of it and love that you can hold it and make notes, fold, and bring it any where! I know your Kindle can do that too, but I hate it when my technology runs out of power and it is just different. It is comforting to know that this books can be passed down to friends and many generations without worrying that the edition will turn obsolete. I do believe that physical books will continue to have a big market in my generation!

Aside from that, focusing our attention back onto the topic of online books shopping, we shall see which website is the most reliable! I will update again when all the books arrive but meanwhile here are the books I bought.


Bought: Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux, Third Edition , Therese de Lisieux (Author), John Clarke (Translator)

Good: Amazon is best for out of print books or hard to find books. This book was recommended by Gretchen Rubin in her The Happiness Project book and I so wanted to get my hands on it which is of this edition and by this translator! Having searched many other websites (both local and overseas) to no avail, I turned to Amazon! The good thing about Amazon is that, you can buy both new or used books from their seller! Which is awesome to save some money and reuse, reduce, recycle! I bought it on 12 April 12 and received it in my mailbox on 20 April 12! Efficient! Almost 3 weeks ahead of the estimated delivery date.

Bad: Amazon’s price is quoted in US dollars and their delivery charges can costs more than the books itself. Though reliable, unless it is a hard to find book, I won’t recommend using this because of the price.



Bought: Two books, Catching Fire and Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Good: The prices are quoted in Singapore dollars and they provide free worldwide delivery (at least to most countries, and yes Singapore is part of it!). The price is slightly lower than Amazon (but much lower if you include delivery charges of Amazon) and definitely lower than local bookstore. I bought it today on the 22 April 12 and we shall see when it will arrive.

// One of the books arrived on time! The other one got sent to the wrong unit by our local postman and when I informed Books Depository that I have yet to receive my other book, they prompt sent a new one! Great service recovery!


Bought: Two books, Baby proof by Emily Giffin and When I fell from the sky by Juliane Keopcke

Good: This website was originally created for the Australia and New Zealand markets with book sellers in UK and USA. The prices are also quoted in Singapore dollars and they too provide free worldwide delivery. The price is lower than Amazon but at times comparable to Book Depository. I bought this two books on 11 April 12 and this two books are from two different sources so my guess is that they might arrive on different days. We shall see, the estimated arrival date is between 24/04/12 and 30/04/12 for one book and between 25/04/12 and 01/05/12 for the other. I shall update again when it arrives!

//23/04/12: One of my books arrived 1 day earlier than expected in good condition! Yay!

//25/04/12: The other book arrived! Well on time!

Gosh. I’m such a addicted nerd! But I’m glad and am looking forward to receiving and reading these books!

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The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins


“Katniss is a 16-year-old girl living with her mother and younger sister in the poorest district of Panem, the remains of what used be the United States. Long ago the districts waged war on the Capitol and were defeated. As part of the surrender terms, each district agreed to send one boy and one girl to appear in an annual televised event called, “The Hunger Games.” The terrain, rules, and level of audience participation may change but one thing is constant: kill or be killed. When Kat’s sister is chosen by lottery, Kat steps up to go in her place. “ –

I am sure many of you have either read this book or seen the movie and gosh I love this book! I never expect myself to enjoy reading this genre of books, after all, I didn’t read any of the Harry Potter or Twilight series but this book was awesome. I just can’t put it down and when I did, I wish I don’t have to work or do other things but just hole up in a corner to quickly finish the book! The main character Katniss is easy to love and though it is set in a tragic plot where young children have to kill each other to survive just for pure entertainment, it is chillingly sick yet exciting. It made me root for Katniss throughout the book as thought I came from the same district of Panem too.

The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin


Everyone wants to be happy and everyone does things hoping that we will be happier when we achieve them and that’s why we work harder, buy more things and jump into any chance just to do that.

I’m not having a depression nor am I unhappy with my life, but I picked up this book at Ubud, Bali airport because I think I can be happier than my current state of mind.

This book is another take on our New Years Resolutions which are centered around activities and changes that we think will make us happier. Gretchen chronicled her adventures during the twelve months she spent test-driving the wisdom of the ages, current scientific research, and lessons from popular culture about how to be happier. Unlike Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love, Gretchen didn’t have the option to uproot herself and abandon her family, instead she focused on improving her life as it was. Each month she tackled a new set of resolutions and test out principles by experts from Thoreau to Oprah to Dalai Lama.

This book has inspired many to start their own 12 months Happiness Project but not me. I find it a chore to list down 12 areas of my life which I want to improve and using resolution charts to track my progress. However, I realized in many instances when I read her book, she is very similar to me and I am glad, I agree with many of her resolutions and outcomes after she tested them!

Here are some of my favorites resolutions of Gretchen.

  • January – Boost Energy, Vitality: Exercise better & Toss, Restore, organize
  • February – Remember Love: Marriage: Quit nagging, Don’t expect praise or appreciation, Fight right, Give proofs of love [This is my favorite chapter!]
  • March – Aim higher, Work: Enjoy now
  • April – Lighten Up, Parenthood: Acknowledge the reality of people’s feelings & Take time for projects [Even though I’m not a parent just yet, but if I have a child, I would love to buy the book “How to talk so Kids will listen and listen so Kids will talk” which Gretchen recommended.]
  • May – Be serious about play, Leisure: Find more fun & Go off the path
  • June – Make time for friends, Friendship: Be generous & Show up [I am guilty of not putting in effort in maintaining friendships]
  • July – Buy some happiness, Money: Indulge in modest splurge and buy needful things
  • August – Contemplate the Heavens, Eternity: Read memoirs of catastrophe [I bought 2 books where one is recommended by her and another which I came across while reading a news article.]
  • September – Pursue a passion, Books: Make time
  • October – Pay attention, Mindfulness
  • November – Keep a contented heart, Attitude: Laugh out loud & give positive reviews
  • December – Boot camp perfect, Happiness

Chef Tetsuya

photo (2)

I was invited to a cooking demonstration event by Chef Tetsuya. He is friendly yet professional and we got to sample some of his dishes and picked up a few tips to make our own yummy food at home. He prepared sauces for fresh oysters, whipped up baked ocean trout, served ocean trout sashimi, and cooked the best spanner crab with soft boiled eggs and caviar tasted till date. I wish I can afford his 10-course degustation menu at MBS. Boo.

Lego ‘Festival of Play’ TVC

If I ever have a kid, I will buy him/her a box of lego! I’m glad John from Denmark made it big in Australia!

We survived the 10 lessons (missed 2 technically) Elementary Hatha Yoga class and signed up for another 10 Intermediate Hatha Yoga class.

My arms and legs are still aching from the first Intermediate class.

Kelly Clarkson’s song which goes “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is ringing in my head all this while. I’m sure I’m getting stronger because I do need the strength to get through each class which will progressively gets tougher. Hah!


My constant reminder.

I’m spending 1 week in Osaka, Japan in mid May for an overseas training trip! It has been approved by my award sponsor and my company. I am keeping my fingers crossed for all the other paperwork and administrative process. I will probably be extending my trip on my own (or with hubby if he is keen for a 3 days holiday in Osaka) over the weekends.

Any recommendation of must go/must do/must eat?

Colin & Lyanna’s Home

We went to Colin & Lyanna’s place a while back, probably in December or so and simply love their place! Even though they spent a bomb on their place with major reno, paying their ID and expensive furnitures, some of their ideas are to die for! Haha. I left those pictures in my phone and was reminded to upload them when one blog reader – Ash – mentioned that they are going for white brick walls with an industrial look for their new home. My instant response was to show her the pictures of C & L’s home! My pictures probably don’t do them justice as they just moved in and is not in the best state but here are some of my favorite features anyway!


Their brick wall is very different from ours. Ours is more rugged and raw while theirs is smooth and street like. Their white wall is probably easier to maintain! I love their bedroom door. Something we can consider for our second home!


They have got nice cement floor! But another friend of mine told me that it can get really slippery when it is wet. Not too sure about that though.


Their blinds are to die for! Love it! I love their sexy black trunking too but my practical engineer husband refused to let me have those at our place for some technical and practical reasons. HMPH.


Love their two pane doors of their walk in wardrobe. So sex in the city!


Love their tiles at their dry kitchen. I love plain white tiles! That’s why we have small white mosaic tiles at our breakfast counter too! Nice work!

So Ash, here are some of the pictures which will probably inspire you for your new home! Have fun and good luck!

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Temples in Bali

In Bali, there are more temples than homes. They have huge and grand ones, small and cozy ones and those in the backyard of homes. Their temples are usually peaceful and uninhabited  and I love looking at them because it reminded me of the ruins in Ang Kor Wat.


Me in a pretty sarong rented at the entrance of the temple.


The grass and concrete is well taken care of. Nice.


The men serving in the temple. They are often in charge of all the preparation of the food to be given to the deity. Interesting sight to see so many man preparing food in the old kitchen. It’s all wood and fire.

Pot of Fern

We picked up a pot of fern at the nursery on Friday and I’m glad we finally get to use our pretty Ikea pot with lace like details we bought months ago!


Cat Socrates

We stumbled upon this pretty little shop at Bras Basar and the things they sell are lovely! Many lovely vintage knick knacks and a lot of beautiful notebooks! Do pop by if you are around the corner, it’s cute!



Babarella Honey Bunny

We saw Babarella Honey Bunny at Bugis Junction today and she is crazy hilarious!

Tanks everybody tanks!


I love my girls!

photo-13 Cake wasn’t too fantastic but the company was great!