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We visited a milk factory in Osaka and we spotted this at their lobby! Apparently, they use to use these to deliver milk to the consumer’s home! That’s cute!


Added a new friend to my owl collection! Isn’t the Japanese print pretty! I’m just wondering what am I going to do with all these owls when I ran out of space. These owls cheer me up every morning when I put on my makeup at my dressing table! It makes me happy but it is a whole bunch of clutter!


I took tons of pictures in Japan and will probably not upload every single one of them, but I will upload them randomly whenever I can. I came across this little shop at Dotonbori, Osaka. Isn’t it cute!

Fish Off


My latest addiction! Fish Off, a free game app which is highly competitive and addictive. It is works like “Bejeweled” just that it involves fishes, fish bowl and a real online competitor. The bad? You need a stable internet connection. My husband is complaining who introduce this game to me that took his wife away. Haha.

Dotonbori, Osaka

If you are in Osaka, you must visit Dotonbori! It is the best shopping street and dining street! (not that I’ve seen all the streets in Osaka but I love it!) You can probably spend the whole day there and end the night with lovely pictures with the neon signs! It is way way bigger than I expected. The Glico man is HUGE. I love how neon signs create that festive and cheery look! Miss those in Broadway, New York!




Singapore Art Festival 2012

Last Sunday we had a date night Sunday at the Singapore Art Festival 2012 and we watched the most precious and captivating free performance ever! Flux caught the hearts of many audiences. Flux,a theatrical performance by French group Theatre du Centaure, tells the story of a mythical creature, the centaure – a half human, half horse creature – which lives among us. The way the performer and the horse dance in sync is so magical that it made us felt like we were in a Disney movie! Love that it was originally presented at the man-made ranch and later, when the mystical creature reappears at the river, the performance is moved to the floating stage.




Thereafter, we went to listen to some lovely music performance by our local acoustic duo Kim + Sarah. I like Sarah’s voice!



In the past during our dating days, Jason and I often hangout at Esplanade listening to free music performance and while listening to Kim + Sarah, they reminded us of that fuzzy feeling we had back in those days. It’s hard to perform in front of live audience and it’s even harder to sing it well and I’m glad they did both just right. Haha. Do head over to Singapore Arts Festival this weekend! Date night doesn’t have to be expensive! Some great things come free too! Heh.

Latest Earworm

Love love love this! Run by Matt Nathason ft Sugarland

Had a bad Monday and I can’t wait to get rid of Monday to start Tuesday!

Toy Catcher Machine in Japan


We walk passed an arcade at Umeda, Osaka filled with toy catcher machines and here are some funny ones! They allow customers to catch live puffer fish, mini fans, snacks and toys! Insane

Crabs from Neighbors

Our good neighbor gave us black pepper crab and chilli crab! I love generous neighbors!

Curry Rice ordered via Vending machine


Such eating place using vending machine for order taking and payment is common in Japan! We ate this during one of the highway stop over and were given 15 minutes to finish our lunch. We ordered, paid and ate within 15 mins! The best thing? It tasted great! Love Japanese rice and Japanese beef curry on pork cutlet!

Interactive Sushi Chain Restaurant in Japan

We went to a sushi conveyer belt chain near Toyota city and was rather impressed by how interactive the restaurant is. Even though they aren’t serving the freshest, tastiest or best sushi, it is interactive and a novelty for us tourist. Haha. I didn’t manage to grab its name but here are some pictures!


(Top Left Shows the usual touch screen panel, a top conveyor lane and a usual conveyor lane.
(Top Right) The top conveyor lane is for special orders and it will deliver and stop specifically at your table and there will be an alarm system which informs you that your “train” is coming!
(Bottom Left) After you are done with your plates which all costs 100 Yen, you slide them down here and there is a sensor which will count the number of plates you have eaten.
(Bottom Right) For every five plates throw into the system, you stand a chance to win a Tikam Tikam. You will have to watch a carton featuring the mascot of the sushi chain competing in various sports event. If the mascot win, you will win a little toy!

(Left) You even get your own beer and pay for it yourself using this machine! Talk about self service!
(Right) Our table won a small toy!

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Japan Strawberry


One of the must try when you are in Japan is their fruits! The freshest and nicest and they cost a lot cheaper compared than if you get them in Singapore! I bought a pack of yummy strawberries! Yums! Don’t remind me of radiation please. Haha.

Nagoya Castle


Nagoya Castle. I’ll share more of it’s history another day but it’s sad that most part of the Nagoya Castle is a replica today because most of it was burnt down during the second world war.


Love the vibe and mood in Nagoya, Japan.

The snacks I bought once I got off the plane. Can you imagine the amount of snacks I will lug home? Haha.

Hotel Toyota Castle, Toyota City

This post is to share the hotel that I will be staying for three nights in Toyota City, Nagoya – Hotel Toyota Castle. Not that anyone will be coming to Toyota City as a tourist – it is essentially a business town with nothing but factories and offices – I thought the hotel is pretty nice given the size and the thoughtful touch points they put in place to add pleasure to your stay!

As Jason puts it, Japan’s ingenuity!


It is a nice size and good space for Yoga practice! Haha.


(Top left) Even though the mirror fogs out after a hot shower, there is always this rectangle which is clear for you! How nice!
(Top right) The magic body sponge which will miraculously expand after you open and wet it. Perfect for a hot shower and clean scrub!
(Bottom left) Love that they have small trays to put your small valuables!
(Bottom right) A hidden vanity mirror which is a nice wall display too!

Some of the little touches which I love! See! It is all in the details that count!

The view from my room. Central Toyota City!

Using MacBook Pro to create hotspot

I almost died on the lack of WIFI in Toyota City, Nagoya. In the hotel room, they only provide LAN network and their WIFI at their hotel lobby was down for two days! Then I realized that if iPhone can be created as a hotspot, Macbook Pro can probably do the same! So I googled and found this link! Thank God! But instead of selecting Airport, I selected WIFI in one of the checkbox and it works the same! I am so glad Jason taught me how to create Hotspot using iPhone and now I can do the same using Macbook Pro! Total lifesaver!


I agree and at times, I’m consciously trying to enjoy things now rather than saving for the future, as you never really know what’s in for your future.

Off to Nagoya/Osaka in a few hours.

Goodnight World.