Interactive Sushi Chain Restaurant in Japan

We went to a sushi conveyer belt chain near Toyota city and was rather impressed by how interactive the restaurant is. Even though they aren’t serving the freshest, tastiest or best sushi, it is interactive and a novelty for us tourist. Haha. I didn’t manage to grab its name but here are some pictures!


(Top Left Shows the usual touch screen panel, a top conveyor lane and a usual conveyor lane.
(Top Right) The top conveyor lane is for special orders and it will deliver and stop specifically at your table and there will be an alarm system which informs you that your “train” is coming!
(Bottom Left) After you are done with your plates which all costs 100 Yen, you slide them down here and there is a sensor which will count the number of plates you have eaten.
(Bottom Right) For every five plates throw into the system, you stand a chance to win a Tikam Tikam. You will have to watch a carton featuring the mascot of the sushi chain competing in various sports event. If the mascot win, you will win a little toy!

(Left) You even get your own beer and pay for it yourself using this machine! Talk about self service!
(Right) Our table won a small toy!

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