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Lord, mold me into a better person, better each day.

Preston, Child & Barclay


After reading all the three books of Hunger Games, I am hooked on thrillers and books on adventures. Anyway, the second book of Hunger Games is great and the third book is a little draggy. But I’m glad I read them all!

Anyway, back to these three new authors my friend recommended, if you are into thrillers, mysteries, crime – solving and books on adventures, you will love them all!

Reading Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston’s books is both entertaining and educational, with Death Match you learnt more on AI and old technologies, with the Cabinet of Curiosities, you learnt about histories of museums and cultures in the past. I love their detailed writing and how beautiful they painted the scene and scenarios. The Preston & Child series often have a touch of history, culture, or archeology touch. I like.

As for Linwood Barclay, it is like reading a crime scene unfolds in front of you. His writing is easier to read compare to Child and Preston but it less detailed.

PJ Hotel, Seoul

When we extended our incentive trip in Seoul, we stayed in PJ Hotel! It is a 15 mins walk to Myeong Dong and if you do not wish to walk, there is a free shuttle service too! It is also right smack in between two of two MRT lines and well within walking distance. The room is also spacious and clean and we enjoyed our stay there!

There is a travelator for luggage and carton boxes!



Fashion Street at Ewha Women’s University

Ewha Women’s University in Seoul is famous for their pretty architecture but most tourist head over for their shopping street! You can imagine how good the shopping is when it is focused solely for the girls from a women’s university! It is a shopping paradise!

The main fashion street outside the university.


Cute store front.


A landmark on the shopping street! Also our meeting point! Haha.


Found many cute buys from this store! Bought some gifts and cardholders from here too!


At the side of the main street, there are many small stalls selling more clothes and accessories!


Can you guess what type of shop this is? Not magic, not a cafe and not a fashion store, it’s a hair salon! Ain’t it lovely!

Ooo so cute!



If I know I can have such cute baby, I would form a football club! Haha. This little one is Jason’s colleague’s little boy! He is of local Malay and American descendent! Cute!


Have a good weekend people!

Mean vs Taken


I choose to believe that I am in between Mean and Taken. Haha! You may can me delusional but I think I can be Hot, Smart and a little nice when I want it. HAHA.

My Shopping List in Seoul

I thought it is always good to share what I bought when I was in Seoul and many girls will have to agree; Seoul is a shopping haven for us!

Beauty Products


This is just my first day of shopping! More to be added but I didn’t take any photo!

Many major Korean brands cost half the price if you buy them in Korean than in Singapore! Laneige , The Face Shop, Etude House, Toni Moly, Skin Food, Odbo are some brands popular among Singaporeans. I bought Primer at 11 bucks, hair masks at 6, nail polish at 1.20 and face masks at 1.20 each. Can you believe that? Myeong Dong is the best place to grab your beauty fix!

Clothes / Shoes / Bags

There are a few good places to shop for these, namely Myeong Dong, Dongdaemun and the shopping street outside Ewha Womens University! Frilly dresses ranges from 10,000 – 30,000 won. That’s $11 to $33 bucks! I love Korea’s shoes too! I bought 2 pretty flats and I always look for Korean made shoes which costs a little more at around $25-$30 but they are pretty and well made. Got some cheap sling bags at 10,000 won too!

Inner Skirts / Shorts / Petticoat

I was trying to hunt down these protective inner skirts / shorts in Singapore but hardly come across them. I found a store at Dongdaemum at 8,000 – 10,000 won each and grabbed a whole lot! It is those silky soft ones, which adds a layer for dresses that are too thin!

Happy Call Pans


If you are a G market shopper or heard the chatters among mothers/aunties, you would probably know what I’m talking about. I lugged home one for my in-law and she is now a satisfied user. You can probably save $20 – $50 for each pan and they are easily found in major supermarkets! We found them at a huge E-Mart, a local supermarket and Lotte Mart at Lotte Mall opposite Lotte World.



You won’t believe what I lugged home. Korean rice. Yes, I lugged home 2.5 kg of Korean rice, which is really awesome! Bought a kg of healthy rice with all sorts of grains and nuts, a kg of mix rice with a bit of healthy rice and half a kg of pure Korean rice. They are really yummy! We also lugged home lots of seaweed, bugolgi sauce, kim chi and snacks! All these can be easily found at supermarkets!

Korean Spoon & Chopsticks

These can be bought at 800 won – 1000 won each or 1600 – 2000 won for a set and it made great gifts for my staffs! I probably lugged home 2.5kg worth of these for my own home, my in-law’s home and my staffs. Stainless steel chopsticks are best used for bbq and steamboats! Haha.

If you are going to Korea, happy shopping!


It’s hard but so true.

// You may be wondering why I keep posting these here. Whenever I see them on FB and I like them, I grab them, and when you save pictures from FB, you can’t really save the sources! So if I happen to grab your picture, you may leave your link here to claim them!


I did this all the time when I was little!

What a beautiful Sunday morning! Hopefully our morning glory can last!


Mac Breakkie in Seoul


There was a morning we decided to have Mac for breakfast in Seoul. It costs about SGD4 for a set of sausage Mac muffin with egg but the serving is tiny and my juice is pathetic! I had to order a second serving! The good thing? The patty is made of pork which tasted more meaty and wholesome! Hah.


Started my busy weekend with prata breakfast!

Here’s my schedule for this weekend!

Saturday: Lunch with mum and sis at RWS, company walk event, dinner date with J

Sunday: Church, yoga, dance rehearsal for Sue’s bridesmaid duty, go back office to oversee midnight power shutdown

Gosh. It’s going to be a tiring weekend! Probably not the best way to start my crazy week!

Porridge Breakfast in Seoul


Here in Seoul, you will spot a few restaurant with the word “Porridge” in Mandarin, and these place serves yummy porridge for breakfast! We had chicken and red dates porridge it was so good, especially when it is cooked from Korean rice grains. Yums.

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In love with Paris Baguette

The last time I went to Korea we had Paris Baguette and it was good! This time round, we did the same and gosh, I’m glad it’s coming to Singapore!


Chicken & Beer in Seoul


As part of their late night snack culture, we had some fried chickens and beer for supper! I didn’t know fried chicken and beer are best friends! We thought we over ordered but while we were eating, drinking and chatting, we ate and drank them all up! Yums!


We adopted Barley when she is 1 year and a few months old and yes we enjoyed these benefits too!



In case you’ve not heard of this popular free Apple app, Shazam is awesome of you are trying to figure out what song is playing off radio, on the street or anywhere. Just make sure you get to the source where it is playing the music clearly, bam, and you get your song title and singer within seconds! How amazing!

Lock your love at Seoul Tower


One of the tourist spot we visited in Seoul is Seoul Tower! It’s the first time we went up the Namsan Hill and it is popular among young couples in Korea. Following many Korean drama idols, young couple go up the hill to lock their love! It is a great place for a city view too!







They even sell packages like these for those couples who didn’t come prepared!


The weather is turning warm in Seoul and we decided to chill in a cafe to people watch. Love such luxury which you only get to enjoy during a holiday.