Preston, Child & Barclay


After reading all the three books of Hunger Games, I am hooked on thrillers and books on adventures. Anyway, the second book of Hunger Games is great and the third book is a little draggy. But I’m glad I read them all!

Anyway, back to these three new authors my friend recommended, if you are into thrillers, mysteries, crime – solving and books on adventures, you will love them all!

Reading Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston’s books is both entertaining and educational, with Death Match you learnt more on AI and old technologies, with the Cabinet of Curiosities, you learnt about histories of museums and cultures in the past. I love their detailed writing and how beautiful they painted the scene and scenarios. The Preston & Child series often have a touch of history, culture, or archeology touch. I like.

As for Linwood Barclay, it is like reading a crime scene unfolds in front of you. His writing is easier to read compare to Child and Preston but it less detailed.


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