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I will be off to Bangkok from 28 – 31 July 2012.

Our brief itinerary is Rot Fai Night Market, Chatuchak, Kao Shan Night Market, Random Temple visits with my folks, Platinum Mall, Terminal 21 and lots of food and massage in between! Haha.

See ya World.

Sixth and Seventh Bridesmaid Duty


Sixth Bridesmaid Duty

Yes, it’s my sixth when CW got married in May!


Seventh Bridesmaid Duty

And when SA got married in June, it was my seventh!

Yay! Now 3/4 of SSSS group are married! We are all waiting eagerly for SQ’s turn in October! I can’t say for the rest, but I can’t wait to spend the rest of our live together as best girlies bitching about housework, husbands and having each other’s children as playmates!

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Bringing up BeBe


Having seen this book – Bringing up BeBe by Pamela Druckerman– being featured in various magazines and blogs, I’ve always wanted to buy one. But the risk of buying a book I don’t enjoy and having it sit on my bookshelf to shame my poor taste in reading choice is too great. With this fear, I hopped over to NLB’s easy search website to search for it’s availability and with some luck, it is available at the library near my workplace!

Bringing up Bebe is about an American mother’s discovery in French parenting while residing in France. Her journey began when she realized French kids eat well-rounded meals, are better behaved and in control of themselves. While reading it, I regretted not owning the book, as I love tagging pages I find insightful! So instead, I jotted down some points in my phone for future reference!

Here are some insights and my review of Bringing up BeBe.

  • Practicing La Pause: When a baby starts crying, French parents often pause for 5-10 mins before attending to them. This teaches baby patience and gives them a chance to self-soothe.
  • Saying Attend: To allow rowdy children to practice self-control, French parents issue a sharp attend, which means “Wait” instead of saying “Quiet” or “Stop”. Instead of rejecting them, French parents allow them to remind calm and wait happily.
  • Being Sage: Being sage implies more than be good. It is to behave appropriately, use good judgment and be aware and respectful of other people. It is to imply that the child has certain wisdom about the situation and is in command of himself/herself. It also means that the parent trusts the child.
  • Unspoken Baby feeding schedule: Every French parent attempts to feed their child in the morning, noon, at four pm, and at eight pm. This attempts to follow adult’s eating schedule, with breakfast, lunch, tea break and dinner. This is unlike the norm in America / Singapore where feeding takes place every few hours or whenever a baby cries. French parents nudge their children towards the schedule progressively and flexibly, to regular hours that are more compatible with their daily life.
  • Getting back their Ligne by Three Months: Most French mums target and are able to get back their ligne (figure) by three months postpartum. It is a norm and an expectation by everyone. French’s secret? By paying a lot of attention in what they eat.
  • Gaining back their Pre-baby Identities: Most French mums are physically separate from their children, you will never spot a French mother climbing a jungle gym with their child. French parents will often store toys away from common spaces instead of allowing them to clutter around the living room. French assumes that being a parent is very important, it shouldn’t subsume one’s other roles.
  • The Perfect Mother doesn’t Exist: French mothers don’t valorize guilt, they consider it unhealthy and unpleasant, and they try to banish it
  • Allow Children to Discover Food: French parent persists in giving different food to children. This allows them to explore food in different colours, textures, smells and tastes.
  • C’est moi qui decide: “It’s me who decides”, most French mother says it with conviction. They have authority without seeming like dictators. They don’t aspire to raise obedient robots. To the contrary, they listen and talk to their kids all the time.
  • The Cadre Model: It is a firm frame, surrounding a lot of freedom. French parents are very strict about a few things and pretty relaxed about everything else. This makes them seem more reasonable and thus makes it more likely that children will obey.

These are just some examples that Druckerman discussed in her book, Bringing up Bebe. The French has many conflicting principles and few hard and fast rules! If you are confused with what exactly is French parenting, don’t worry, I’m equally confused because it is all encompassing and ever contradicting. This book is smart, funny and it opens my eyes to a French culture so deeply rooted but unknown to the outsiders. Druckerman shares them in a storytelling style that is both engaging and insightful! There are many more fascinating observations in her book, and parents of little children and parents-to-be should definitely read it! People who love all things French should read it too!

Next on my reading list would be Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother and Mireille Guiliano’s French Women Don’t get fat!

Oh and by the way, No, I’m not pregnant. Hah.

// All the insights are extracted or paraphrased from the book Bringing up BeBe by Pamela Druckerman.

Oh my lovebites

After reading Lady J’s posts on my lovebites’s cookies here and here, I had to make J bring me there to taste and grab some yummy cookies!


Source: My Lovebites

Add: 412 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore City 427637
Tel: 6345 9677
Opening Hours: Tue – Sun:11:00 am – 8:00 pm

J is not a cookie person and even him is sold! The lady boss is friendly, generous and talented! The cookies she handmade is the best that I’ve tasted till date and you can see and taste the efforts in each cookie! The best of all? She uses premium ingredients and handmade them without preservatives! Her cookies can last approximately one month from the date of purchase and is baked frequently in batches! Some of her popular flavors run off the shelves before it even hit the shelves because she takes in reservations and provides home delivery at a fee!


Source: My Lovebites

We bought Salted Caramel Butter and yes, it looks just like that! Just popped two in my mouth! Mmmm. I need to ration the cookies, 2 pieces a day!


In My lovebites, there is a cookie sampling area provided and they are extremely generous with them! You can practically try all the available flavours! Love their surprising Tangy Lime, Golden Maple Crunch, Salted Caramel Butter, Horlicious and Milo Dino! Their Horlicious was out of stock when I went over! The only disappointing flavor is Earl Grey Tea & Almond! The tea flavor was too light! I love tea and hope that they can try out new tea flavors! Chamomile maybe?

The lady boss who used to work in an advertising firm puts in effort in the packaging too! Their cookies will make great gifts during a house party or when you have guests over for tea party!


Having rave all about their cookies, I must say that they are the most expensive cookies I’ve ever bought till date! For a pack of 150g to 200g cookies, it ranges from $16 to $20 dollars! Pricey indeed but oh so yummy! It is almost like drugs; addictive, expensive and it makes you high! Worth trying if you stay around the neighborhood!


Look at their popularity and magazine features!


New Hotspots in Bangkok

I realized I’m flying off to Bangkok next weekend and I’ve not done any research on where to go! In my excitement for J and my NYC trip, I ignored my family trip to BKK! I was looking through my old posts and realized the irony of life.

The last time I step foot in Bangkok was in late 2008, at that point in time I said “So people out there, never, NEVER take Tiger Airways.” guess which airline I booked in the end? URGH.

Anyway, while researching for BKK, I discovered 2 new hotspots in BKK all thanks to Sixpegs!


Source: Rot Fai Night Market

They are Rot Fai Night Market – a night flea market selling anything vintage, and Terminal 21 – a new mall inspired by airport with interior décor of different cities on various levels! Can’t wait to check them out together with my all time favourite Chatuchak and Platinum mall!

Source: Terminal 21

Can’t wait to spend some sisterly time with my Sista in Bangkok!

Avenue Q coming back to SG!


Just when we thought we can catch this in NYC, it’s coming back to Singapore again! If we can’t get the tickets from TKTS for this, we will catch it here! Don’t want to miss this twice!

Paris Baguette coming to Wisma!


Come on! Open up quick!


Screen Shot 2012-07-17 at 9.02.14 PM

While researching on things to do in NYC, I came across many people raving about Brooklyn Flea! So looking forward to eating delightful local food and digging through vintage finds! Wish me luck!

New York!

I’m jumping in excitement! Oh my God! Yes, I am going to Bangkok from 28 to 31 July but do you know what’s even better? We are going to New York! I am hyperventilating! We are going to New York from 3 to 10 August! We will spend more than 2 days in the air, but he is using his last pair of complimentary air tickets and it’s only going to cost us SGD300 for our taxes in total! So who cares!


What’s on our agenda? Cold Play concert in NJ, MoMA, Picnicking at Central Park, National Museum of Natural History, Broadway / Off Broadway at Time Square and Woodsbury Premium Outlet! That’s it! We are just going to chill, relax, people watch at a cafe there after and go on supermarkets hunt! It is not our first time visiting NYC but we love it! We spent almost five days in NYC the last time and it seemed like an incomplete business after we left!

If there is a place which we must visit and is not in our list, do drop a comment! We have yet to book the hotel/B&B/hostel, any affordable but clean recommendation?

Katong Sin Chew Cake Shop’s Curry Buns


Katong Sin Chew Cake Shop
416 Bedok North Ave 2, #01-45 Singapore

He brought me to a bakery and claimed that they have “The most awesome curry buns till date, better than Hokkaido’s curry buns!”. Hah. I’ve never tried Hokkaido’s curry buns so I’m in no position to comment. But it’s good. The bread is fluffy and soft while the filling is moist and generous. It is the best when fresh out from the oven and indeed, it is my best curry bun till date.

This old school bakery tucked among the HDB blocks offers the freshest but few selections of traditional buns and cakes. Baked in small batches, their bakers and staffs can be seen working hard in the preparation area and topping up their shelves in the sales area. In the 30 minutes stay, we witnessed families and individuals streaming in grabbing their favorites! It is unbelievable that a tiny store like this is able to attract the crowd we saw!


One of those lazy days at work where we got our Frontline uniform measured. Hah.


Anyone read this? What’s your take? I would love to try reading it to find out what the controversies are all about! According to Wiki, it has sold 20 million copies worldwide, with book rights having been sold in 37 countries, and has set the record as the fastest-selling paperback of all time, surpassing the Harry Potter series!

I first saw it many months ago when it is ranked equally high in with the Hunger Games series and never give a thought about it. Then came Mr Brown’s article and this news yesterday – 50 Shades Of Grey Argument Ends Up In Court After Man Squirts Sauce Over Girlfriend. HAHA and now, I can’t get over this book!

I heard women love it and men hate it. Haha. Apparently it is an erotic series with sexual practices surrounding bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism (BDSM). Nothing wrong in exploring your sexual fantasy right women (of age and in appropriate life stage)! Hah.Tell me if it’s any good!

The Ms Ho’s Saga

I know this post is a little dated but I thought I should document some of my thoughts on Ho Yeow Sun’s saga. I do not want to comment on how the church uses their money or if it is a legal breach of trust.

However, I do wonder why would Ms Ho spend so much money in pursuing her music career?

With a worldly opinion, I know singers who succeeded are usually people who has (1) true singing talent – where the person may not necessary look good but his/her voice inspire birds to sing in harmony, (2) looks good – there is always digital editing so if the person is young, hot or appealing, technology can do the trick, (3) multi talented – either someone who is a music genius in terms of composing lyrics or tunes; or can play multiple instruments, or (4) have it all or has that unique charisma that people can’t put an attribute to it.

In my opinion, Ms Ho is neither a singer powerhouse like Celine Dion, a sweet young face or glamorously beautiful like Carla Burni (in my husband’s opinion), neither does she positions herself as a music genius nor does she has that unique charisma that people cannot put a word to it.

If she is trying to lead an example to the Non-Christian in the world, perhaps she should learn from Jesus. Jesus eats with the tax collectors but he never sin and has always led a righteous life. So is this leading an example?

Screen Shot 2012-07-11 at 9.08.12 PM
Or perhaps, she is trying to touch the people’s heart with her song lyrics but with these?

Dance, dance, oh-whoo (??X5) Na-na-na
and well dance my problems away Na-na-na
Mr. china wine do di dutty wine
China wine China wine (wohoo)
China wine China wine (w-ley)
China wine China wine (w-la)

Mr. China wine do di dutty wine

Or perhaps her voice is magic? I am tone deaf, I can’t comment.

Perhaps she is using a marketing technique called “Subliminal Stimuli” but it is not showing in her record sales.

GAH. I can’t figure out why!

Anyway, Corrine May is a good example of a Christian lady who led a good example in inspiring others with her voice (point 1), grounded girl next door look (point 2) and heartfelt lyrics (point 3), I guess, she almost has it all (point 4)! I know of a friend who is Buddhist but is a fan of hers. I thank God for the many seeds she planted with her album!


Bought my favourite childhood snack during Mooncake festival from Anchorpoint! Yums

Twelve Cupcakes


Tried Twelve Cupcakes’s Red Velvet cupcake and it’s good! It’s moist and the cream cheese topping is so sinfully good! Yums.

Our Third Year Anniversary


It has been three years since we joined the Frontline and I’m glad our batch stayed strong! I hope there will be a fourth year anniversary next year! Love you people!