The Ms Ho’s Saga

I know this post is a little dated but I thought I should document some of my thoughts on Ho Yeow Sun’s saga. I do not want to comment on how the church uses their money or if it is a legal breach of trust.

However, I do wonder why would Ms Ho spend so much money in pursuing her music career?

With a worldly opinion, I know singers who succeeded are usually people who has (1) true singing talent – where the person may not necessary look good but his/her voice inspire birds to sing in harmony, (2) looks good – there is always digital editing so if the person is young, hot or appealing, technology can do the trick, (3) multi talented – either someone who is a music genius in terms of composing lyrics or tunes; or can play multiple instruments, or (4) have it all or has that unique charisma that people can’t put an attribute to it.

In my opinion, Ms Ho is neither a singer powerhouse like Celine Dion, a sweet young face or glamorously beautiful like Carla Burni (in my husband’s opinion), neither does she positions herself as a music genius nor does she has that unique charisma that people cannot put a word to it.

If she is trying to lead an example to the Non-Christian in the world, perhaps she should learn from Jesus. Jesus eats with the tax collectors but he never sin and has always led a righteous life. So is this leading an example?

Screen Shot 2012-07-11 at 9.08.12 PM
Or perhaps, she is trying to touch the people’s heart with her song lyrics but with these?

Dance, dance, oh-whoo (??X5) Na-na-na
and well dance my problems away Na-na-na
Mr. china wine do di dutty wine
China wine China wine (wohoo)
China wine China wine (w-ley)
China wine China wine (w-la)

Mr. China wine do di dutty wine

Or perhaps her voice is magic? I am tone deaf, I can’t comment.

Perhaps she is using a marketing technique called “Subliminal Stimuli” but it is not showing in her record sales.

GAH. I can’t figure out why!

Anyway, Corrine May is a good example of a Christian lady who led a good example in inspiring others with her voice (point 1), grounded girl next door look (point 2) and heartfelt lyrics (point 3), I guess, she almost has it all (point 4)! I know of a friend who is Buddhist but is a fan of hers. I thank God for the many seeds she planted with her album!

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