Oh my lovebites

After reading Lady J’s posts on my lovebites’s cookies here and here, I had to make J bring me there to taste and grab some yummy cookies!


Source: My Lovebites

Add: 412 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore City 427637
Tel: 6345 9677
Opening Hours: Tue – Sun:11:00 am – 8:00 pm

J is not a cookie person and even him is sold! The lady boss is friendly, generous and talented! The cookies she handmade is the best that I’ve tasted till date and you can see and taste the efforts in each cookie! The best of all? She uses premium ingredients and handmade them without preservatives! Her cookies can last approximately one month from the date of purchase and is baked frequently in batches! Some of her popular flavors run off the shelves before it even hit the shelves because she takes in reservations and provides home delivery at a fee!


Source: My Lovebites

We bought Salted Caramel Butter and yes, it looks just like that! Just popped two in my mouth! Mmmm. I need to ration the cookies, 2 pieces a day!


In My lovebites, there is a cookie sampling area provided and they are extremely generous with them! You can practically try all the available flavours! Love their surprising Tangy Lime, Golden Maple Crunch, Salted Caramel Butter, Horlicious and Milo Dino! Their Horlicious was out of stock when I went over! The only disappointing flavor is Earl Grey Tea & Almond! The tea flavor was too light! I love tea and hope that they can try out new tea flavors! Chamomile maybe?

The lady boss who used to work in an advertising firm puts in effort in the packaging too! Their cookies will make great gifts during a house party or when you have guests over for tea party!


Having rave all about their cookies, I must say that they are the most expensive cookies I’ve ever bought till date! For a pack of 150g to 200g cookies, it ranges from $16 to $20 dollars! Pricey indeed but oh so yummy! It is almost like drugs; addictive, expensive and it makes you high! Worth trying if you stay around the neighborhood!


Look at their popularity and magazine features!

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5 responses to “Oh my lovebites”

  1. My Lovebites says :

    Hi Serene, thank you for coming by the shop :) Had a nice time serving you and truly enjoyed reading your post… hahah, your few last words described what one of my regulars told me when I introduced the Milo cookies a few years ago (before I started the shop). She said, “Your Coffee Almond brings in the adults and your Milo hooks their kids onto your cookies! Perfect combination.” ;)

    • somethingboutrenes says :

      Hi! Thank you for dropping by! Yes your cookies are yummy and indeed worth the rave! I’m controlling myself! Otherwise it will be gone in a day or two!!

      Looking forward to more new flavours! Tea tea tea! Hehe :)

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