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American Museum of Natural History, New York: Taxidermy

Among many exhibits, there are two large collections that we loved most and spent most time at. The first, which will be featured here, would be their impressive collections of taxidermy! Stuffed animals preserved and displayed in a life like manner is an art and a way to capture the natural history. I read somewhere that this is a dying art and there are not many practicing taxidermist now. That is a pity.

The second, would be their collections of composite skeleton and fossils of dinosaurs! It is a must to visit the American Museum of Natural History in New York if you are around.

There are displays of African and American animals and here are some of our favorites! I am biased towards deers with antlers and bears! Opps.


This elephants display is very grand but we couldn’t get a good picture! Boo.


They look so life like!


Beautiful Antlers!





All the children loves their bears!


911 Memorial, New York


After knowing that it is not our first trip to New York, the hotel receptionist recommended us to visit the 911 Memorial that was officially opened to the public on September 12, 2011. There is also a museum that is opening around September 11, 2012, which is in a couple of weeks time!




It is a solemn park with strict security checks; it is also a park that gives hope to the future, where it conveys the spirit of defying terrorism. That spirit will continue to live through the living, though nearly 3,000 people were killed in the terror attacks of 911 at the World Trade Center, Pentagon and near Shanksville.


At the Memorial, there are two reflecting pools of an acre in size, featuring the largest man-made waterfalls in North America. The pools sit on the site where the Twin Towers once stood. The names of every person who died in the attacks were also inscribed into the bronze panels surrounding the pools. This is a powerful reminder of the innocent lives lost.


Another interesting sight at the Memorial is the Survivor Tree – a callery pear tree that was recovered from the rubble at the World Trade Center site. When it was found, it was badly burned with only one living branch. The tree was then nursed to recovery over many years and is now standing healthily at the Memorial. This tree symbolizes hope and rebirth


If you are interested in getting there, you can decide to visit either in the morning to enjoy the beautiful sunlight and greens or to visit in the evening where you can enjoy the charming night view from the lights emitting from the twin waterfalls. Even though entrance to this site is free, every visitor has to reserve online for visitor pass. Otherwise, you may choose to queue near the Preview Site for free tickets but be warned, the queue is long. So for a hassle free trip, do register online here!


The museum which is not ready!


Make love, not war.

1960s Vintage Smith Corona Cougar Deluxe in Teal


All the pictures taken by the talented Victor Vague from Vera Vague.

Revealing the typewriter I bought off Etsy! A 1960s Vintage Smith Corona Cougar Deluxe manual typewriter with original carrying case in teal hard plastic from VeraVague. Now, I’m hoping that the condition of the typewriter looks as good as the pictures because it really looks pretty over here! I’m also a major fan of Esty now! J should be worried.


Isn’t she a beauty!  Thank you all for participating in our little mini vote! Both of them are really pretty! Just when I was deciding between the two, the other one is gone the next morning after I posted the previous post! Thankfully, my preference between the two leans slightly towards this beauty! It is still a happy occasion! I’m now a proud owner of a vintage typewriter.


Another thing I’m really happy about is the price I paid for. I paid US$55 for the typewriter, US$20 for the shipping to Ke Ying in New York, and when Ke Ying comes back to SG in December, she will load this pretty in her container where it will sail for another 2 months before reaching our sunny island! All thanks to her, I saved US$80 on shipping! That comes up to only US$75 (which is slightly under SGD$100). In Singapore, it is usually above $160 with condition worst off than this. But of course, this cannot be possible without Ke Ying’s help! I owe you coffee Ke Ying! Maybe we can invite you, Zim and Sam to our place for tea when you are back! Haha.


Now, I need to hunt for the ink and correction ribbon! Maybe I can rent it out next year for weddings! Haha.


The Lobster Place at Chelsea Market, New York


If you love seafood, you must visit The Lobster Place at Chelsea Market. They serves fresh maine lobster and many other yummy seafood treat at a reasonable price! We had one to share and it was too good. We went straight after breakfast and could not eat much, so it is recommended to go they for brunch! Yums.


This is what we are here for!







Very affordable!

Chelsea Market, New York

Other than going to High Line at Chelsea, we also visited Chelsea Market. Unlike the name suggest, it is not exactly a market like we imagine, it is more like a shopping tunnel selling lots of yummy food and interesting products. We also managed to buy our small size baking stone in one of the stores here! In Singapore, all the baking stone we found are huge like a large 16″ pizza and it can’t fit into our tiny oven!

Two of my favorite stores in Chelsea Market are Anthropologie (which can probably be found in other place as well) and The Lobster Place (which deserves a post on it’s own!).








I bet you don’t know that, in 1912, exactly 100 years ago, Oreo is introduced and the first Oreo is made in Chelsea Market right here! It is only later in 1913 that Oreo is registered as a Nabisco trademark! Too bad we didn’t come across any Oreo in this market.


Funny Superhero Pictures at Chelsea Market, New York





These are hilarious and I regretted not capturing all of them! Haha.

I’m thinking of getting a vintage typewriter and I need help! It will be a decorative and functional item! It has to work! Here are two that I narrowed down, basing on its aesthetic, which one would you pick? Help!


Item A


Item B

The Yummiest Burger from Shake Shack, New York

In New York, we tried the best burger I ever tasted from Shake Shack! It is much raved about and it is real good. We tried both their burger and hotdog, but their burger left me wanting more. There are in a few states in US, and in New York, there are many outlets! We ate at Broadway and it was good.





Mary Poppins at Broadway, New York

I love musical and if you are in New York, you got to go catch a musical / play at Broadway! We picked an all time favorite show – Mary Poppins! I love the set and the tricks, it is indeed magical, just like any other Disney experience. There are many scene change which felt like a magic show to us! The plot was simple without any major highlights and we thought this is more suited for children to learn about being good and nice. Haha. It is also the musical which created the word “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”! Another catchy tune which I enjoyed is “Practically Perfect” where Mary Poppins sings about her personality and values. Haha. J didn’t really enjoyed it and I’m not at all surprised, he dislikes musicals in general.



Mary Poppins is showed in the New Amsterdam Theatre which was built in 1902-1903. It is extremely grand and its old world charm is an experience you can never enjoy in our Marina Bay Sands’ Grand Theatre.



I made a pact with myself to go on two holidays a year, one around the region and the other, slightly further away. One reason is to keep me sane, another is because of this.


Carpenter & Cook, Upper Bukit Timah


Last weekend, we finally decided to visit Carpenter & Cook. We’ve wanted to visit this place for the longest time, but were put off by the distance from home! On a Saturday late afternoon, this place is fully packed, and looking at the crowd, we thought we wouldn’t stand a chance to grab a seat before we need to head home!

But lo and behold, J spotted someone familiar and it was our lucky day! Tim and Sue were sitting at a table for four! At that very moment, I was thankful for J, and Tim and Sue of course!



Another coincidence? Haha.

This place is lovely! I love all things vintage! I almost wanted to grab one of their typewriters and run away with it, but on second thought, it is probably too heavy and I will not made it any further than a parking lot away before my arms give up! It’s a pity that their vintage items are beyond my budget and all we can afford is their food and drinks! Which wasn’t too bad at all! We tried their coffee, hot chocolate and tart and they were all good. The tart was perfect.


On a side note, I love all things vintage but it is so hard to find affordable ones in Singapore, unlike in the flea markets we saw in New York! I found a page in Carpenter & Cook’s website on why buy vintage and I can’t agree more! Here are some which I extracted from their site!

I love vintage …

Because there was a time when everything was HANDMADE by a skilled carpenter who took the time to craft that piece of furniture individually. [Handmade item has more character than mass produced item!]

Because the chair you are sitting on may have been the same chair that a boy sat on to write a love letter to the girl sitting next to him in class. [Every piece of vintage items is a piece of history.]

Because old things have been made to last and just have more personality and character. [I totally agree! Things made in this generation are made to last a couple of years just so you need to buy a new one thereafter.]

Because finding a new use for an old thing is just that much cooler. [It is not just cooler, but also greener!]

Because it is an addiction and once you’ve fallen in love with vintage there is no turning back. [Oh yes!]

Above, extracted from here.


Salami, Pastrami, Corned Beef at Katz, New York

There is a deli cafeteria in Lower East Side, New York, which survived three depressions, numerous recessions, and two World Wars. It is known for serving the best salami sandwiches and their pastrami and corned beef sandwich is also the biggest and best in the region. Many people will admit that it is to die for. But looking at it, I will probably stuff myself to death just to finish one on my own! It is huge and the pictures will tell it all!


205 East Houston Street (corner of Ludlow St)
New York City, 10002




The place I’m talking about is Katz’s Delicatessen at Ludlow Street, which opened in 1888, and is loved by many locals, tourists and people all over the world.

We are lucky that it is located on the same street as our hotel and a mere 3 minutes walk. We had it for breakfast and it was way too heavy for us! No wonder it is less crowded in the morning compared to in the evening when it is always fully packed.


We tried their Corned Beef sandwich that is mainly made up of a huge pile of juicy cured meat in between rye bread with mustard sauce. J loves every bite of it! The meat is perfect, but even a Carnivorous person like me can’t finish it! Thank God we only bought one to share!



One of my unglamourous moments.

DIY: Hot Air Balloon Mobile


If I have a kid, I would dress up the room with gender neutral decors. Isn’t these hot air balloons lovely! Looks like they are getting popular these days! Here’s the tutorial to make the above hot air ballon mobile!

Disney Store at Times Square

At Times Square, there is a huge Disney store! I felt like a child in a candy store! If not for my year long goal to reduce clutter, I would have bring home my favorite Disney princess!

Isn’t this Queen Bear from Brave adorable?!


Who is your favorite Disney princess? For me, it is Ariel from The Little Mermaid! I love her long flowing red hair and her adventurous and rebellious nature in fighting for freedom and love of her life! I am attracted to her free spirited nature! Also, her voice is beautiful!


Who is your favorite Disney princess and why?

Times Square, New York

Busy busy Times Square!




Spot Wally at Times Square!


Was at Times Square and spotted this huge screen which captures the audiences! An ingenious marketing idea! Spot Wally! Can you see us?

Here’s a picture with a slight zoom!



A daily reminder.

The High Line at Chelsea, New York

Instead of going to MOMA, we decided to venture to places which we have not been to before. That brought us to Chelsea and the new hotspot in NYC, The High Line!


An Art Installation





How chill!


Here is the history of The High Line.

” The High Line was built in the 1930s, as part of a massive public-private infrastructure project called the West Side Improvement. It lifted freight traffic 30 feet in the air, removing dangerous trains from the streets of Manhattan’s largest industrial district. No trains have run on the High Line since 1980. Friends of the High Line, a community-based non-profit group, formed in 1999 when the historic structure was under threat of demolition. Friends of the High Line works in partnership with the City of New York to preserve and maintain the structure as an elevated public park. “

– Source: Here



Part of the railway tracks are still visible!

All thanks to the good people from Friends of the High Line, New Yorkers get a green pocket of elevated public park in a historic structure! If only they can preserve our KTM railway into green pockets too!


Popsicles are perfect under this weather!


If you have been to NYC a couple of times and will be back again, you should probably drop by The High Line! Thank you Lady J, for the recommendation!

Get one which runs on fat


Haha. It’s true! Go get your butt moving!

Dinner at Hummerstons with SSS

11 Unity Street, #02-14 Robertson Walk, Singapore



I love my SSSS girls! We celebrated my belated birthday at Hummerstons! Love their smoked duck risotto and the fact that it is a quiet place with cozy decor and great food!



Love the girls! Can’t wait for SQ to join our married team! Hope to grow old with them!



Thank you girls for the birthday gifts! I love the owl stuffs but not so much for J! Haha. Also thank you CW and Sue for your travel goodies!