Carpenter & Cook, Upper Bukit Timah


Last weekend, we finally decided to visit Carpenter & Cook. We’ve wanted to visit this place for the longest time, but were put off by the distance from home! On a Saturday late afternoon, this place is fully packed, and looking at the crowd, we thought we wouldn’t stand a chance to grab a seat before we need to head home!

But lo and behold, J spotted someone familiar and it was our lucky day! Tim and Sue were sitting at a table for four! At that very moment, I was thankful for J, and Tim and Sue of course!



Another coincidence? Haha.

This place is lovely! I love all things vintage! I almost wanted to grab one of their typewriters and run away with it, but on second thought, it is probably too heavy and I will not made it any further than a parking lot away before my arms give up! It’s a pity that their vintage items are beyond my budget and all we can afford is their food and drinks! Which wasn’t too bad at all! We tried their coffee, hot chocolate and tart and they were all good. The tart was perfect.


On a side note, I love all things vintage but it is so hard to find affordable ones in Singapore, unlike in the flea markets we saw in New York! I found a page in Carpenter & Cook’s website on why buy vintage and I can’t agree more! Here are some which I extracted from their site!

I love vintage …

Because there was a time when everything was HANDMADE by a skilled carpenter who took the time to craft that piece of furniture individually. [Handmade item has more character than mass produced item!]

Because the chair you are sitting on may have been the same chair that a boy sat on to write a love letter to the girl sitting next to him in class. [Every piece of vintage items is a piece of history.]

Because old things have been made to last and just have more personality and character. [I totally agree! Things made in this generation are made to last a couple of years just so you need to buy a new one thereafter.]

Because finding a new use for an old thing is just that much cooler. [It is not just cooler, but also greener!]

Because it is an addiction and once you’ve fallen in love with vintage there is no turning back. [Oh yes!]

Above, extracted from here.



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