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Someone in the neighborhood put this up! Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Gold Fever.




As you would probably know, I love gold accessories! So yesterday, I decided to glam myself up with my grandma’s earring, a pure gold bangle, I got from my aunts for my wedding, and a gold ring which my grandma got for me. Yellow gold can be fashionable too, or so I think. Ba bling!

My two favourite indulgences during this busy period – Yoga and Pendergast.

Too Cool for School: Chye Seng Huat Hardware


Chye Seng Huat Hardware

150 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore
+65 6396 0609

Don’t try fiddling with the metal door here. It won’t open. The entrance is at the nondescript and industrial looking gate.


Finally visited the much raved about Chye Seng Huat Hardware that is the brainchild of the folks behind Papa Palheta and Loysel’s Toy. I liked my hot chocolate while he thought the coffee is average. What we didn’t enjoy is the pretentious vibe and its too cool for school crowd.


The place is too crowded, too noisy, and their bar seats are really uncomfortable. We very much prefer Loysel’s Toy while he prefers Forty Hands. But to each his own, I guess each establishment attracts different types of crowd.









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Isn’t this sweet?

I love Gold Buttons!


I have an old jacket that I love and stop wearing because the buttons are worn out. It is not an expensive jacket and I can’t remember where I got it from, but I love the cut and material. I’ve always wanted to replace the cheap plastic buttons with golden metal ones.


Initially, I got the Esty one for this jacket, but I picked up another two designs from Chinatown, and now with three choices, I am torn. Hah. I need your help again!

The first one from the left is the original one which looks worn. The second one from the left (A) is the one from Esty which I love the vintage look. The third one (B) is a plain classic flat gold button. The fourth one (C) is slightly similar to the one from Esty but with an edgier look. So which one will you pick for this jacket?

Buttons from Esty


The buttons which I ordered at Esty from BonitaBellita Etc is here! They look so pretty and I love the sound of the brass metal clicking to each other!


The seller, Stephanie is also very sweet! She left a pretty “Thank You” note in all four languages! She must be a well travelled lady who knows where our tiny island is and there are four official languages! Hah.

i love possibilities

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Me too! I’m a dreamer.


Me Time


Practiced 30 mins of yoga at 8.30am, wiped down my yoga mat, did laundry, ate cheese and egg toast, blogged about random stuffs and I still have plenty of time to watch some Big Bang! The beauty of working afternoon shift – plenty of me time in a beautiful morning.

Music makes my life better


Having my own office space makes me lonely at times, I only have the four walls and a computer to talk to and I’m glad I finally got myself a speaker!

Not just any speaker, I got myself a cute red and gold Nakamichi My Mini Plus portable speaker! I sounded geeky now, but this small little thing that measures a mere 5 cm and weighs a sheer 139 grams delivers exceptional sound quality! I like that it has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery which is good for up to five hours of continuous playback, allows me to input music via audio jack, USB line-in or micro SD card. If I’m bored with my library of music, I can use the built-in FM radio! My work life just got a new booster! Heh.

Watch Shopping at People’s Park Complex

Watch Fashion Pte Ltd
1 Park Road #03-62, #03-63
People’s Park Complex
Singapore 059108
Tel (65) 65351377



I bought both my Casio watches from this store at People’s Park Complex, apparently they have an online store but it is much better to buy at their store! Their service is good, wide range of products and prices are negotiable!

Casio Bling!


I’m not a girl with fancy and expensive watches. For the past year, I wore my favorite watch (on the left) and match it with gold accessories, nude flats and leather bags. My staffs thought I was poor with my granny watch which costs under $50. People do judge a person by one’s watch. Hah. But I love the vintage look and I love all things gold! On a recent shopping trip, I bought another cheap gold watch from Casio (on the right) and it is blinging conspicuously! My sister will probably shake her head disapprovingly as it is too gold for her and it resembles what a loan shark dons on. Hah. In my defense, Casio is cheap, durable and timeless!


It was a crazy warm day yesterday and I was in shorts and sandals. Say hi to my stumpy toes! Heh.

Cloth, thread and buttons!

People’s Park Centre has always been known for having a wide range of cloth supplies but on top of that, there are also a simple sewing supplies store and a buttons store!


Love everything polka dot!



Granny prints can be pretty too! Wondering what’s my next sewing project after my Plush Fox Dolls!

Lye Nai Shiong
People’s Park Complex Food Center
#02-1018A, 32 New Market Road, (S)050032




This store is tiny but it has got all that you need for a sewing project! The store owners are kind, friendly and genuine elderlies who are helpful too!

Sin Hwa Hung
32 New Market Road
#03-1104 People’s Park Food Centre S050032
Tel: 65350547




Full metal ones which are heavier and pricer.


They have metal, plastic and cloth buttons!

Another store that I like, a button shop! They carry a wide range of buttons and I especially love their gold vintage looking buttons. Apparently, these buttons are from Japan! I wanted to fix the buttons from an old jacket and have bought some brass buttons from Esty earlier (which I will share when it’s here!) but the store owner (not exactly friendly) shared that if the cloth is too light, full brass buttons may not hold up and may even tear the cloth over time! So I bought some light metal buttons at a cheap price just in case! I cannot resist gold. Hah.

If you are looking for sewing supplies, People’s Park Centre is a good place to start!

Roast Meat and Bak Kwa in People’s Park Food Centre

Today we had a lot of fun in Chinatown, we basically eat, shop and relax at People’s Park Centre and People’s Park Complex the entire afternoon!

First, sharing the food that we tried at People’s Park Food Centre!

Toh Kee
#01-1016A People’s Park Food Centre
10.30am to 7pm
Closed on Mondays




Toh Kee’s roast meat is one of those famous stalls amongst many in People’s Park Centre, and it is much raved about in many food blogs. J stumbled on it during his lunch break this week and can’t wait to share his discovery! Haha. We tried their roast duck, roast pork and char siew! I love their roast pork best. It was a perfect piece of meat. The skin is crispy, the meat is tasty, and together with the fats, all three layers in a single bite, the meat melts in your mouth with all the flavours bursting from within! Wow. It is not the best for my waist size but it is surely one of the best that I have tasted. J loves their roast duck but I find it a tat too fatty. Haha. We thought the char siew is a little dry, but it is still good.

Kim Hwa Guan
People’s Park Food Centre
32 New Market Road #01-1022
Singapore 050032
Tel: +65 9006 2026



Just beside Toh Kee, there is a bak kwa stall which caught our attention too. The Kim Hua Guan bak kwa stall roast their bak kwa on the spot and people are spotted streaming in constantly for their bak kwa. We got a piece to try and found that it is slice extremely thin which I very much prefer but the best is still Chai Ho’s bak kwa in Clementi!

Dear Serene,

Thank you for your payment. This email serves as an official receipt for Invoice #1317 sent on 26/08/2012.


Basic web hosting plan – 1 year – (08/09/2012 – 07/09/2013)
Server Location: Los Angeles (Default) S$59.40
Sub Total: S$59.40
5.00% Transaction Fee: S$2.97
Credit: S$0.00
Total: S$62.37

SGNIX Network

SbR used to be wholly funded by CW & Lennel where they provided the domain and web hosting as my birthday gift! It was the best birthday gift ever! However, this year, SbR is taking up too much space because of the large amount of content and slight increase in traffic! With that, SbR is ousted from their web hosting! Boo! But they are still providing the domain! So thank you CW & Lennel for your generosity!

With a small annual fee of $62.37, business is back to usual! Just for the record, SbR generates a pathetic $120 from Nuffnang on a yearly basis so do click on the ad if you see anything that interest you! Other than that, I’m just glad the small earning is covering my web hosting fee! On a happier note, I am paid close to $60 a year for maintaining my hobby! How awesome is that! Haha!

raison d’être


What’s your reason for existing? SbR exists as a means to document my thoughts and events. What about myself? It is a question which I don’t have a good answer to. I exists to enjoy life? To love? To see the world? To feel good? To experience happiness, sadness, anger and joy? To share? To consume? These answer just didn’t feel complete.

What about you? What’s your raison d’être?

DIY: Postcards at Wedding

I’ve wanted to share about this post but I am a major procrastinator. There are probably hundreds of topics / ideas that I kept / bookmarked / saved in my phone for this blog, but it just didn’t happen. Haha.


Tim and Sue Ann created a set of postcards and gave them to their guests at their wedding banquet! Love this idea! Pictures are all taken by Tim of the places they visited together, aren’t them a sweet couple!

Once you decide on your occupation
You must immerse yourself in your work.
You have to fall in love with your work.
You have to fall in love with your job.

You must dedicate your life
to mastering your skill.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Previously, readers asked on finding a job one love, but sometimes, it’s a matter of choice.