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Worked for 19 hours till this morning at 5am. It happens once every six months at work. Manage to catch five hours of sleep before I am woken up by the glorious sun and rain! I love some me time on a rainy day!

Chelsea Hotel, New York


While we were in Chelsea, we walked passed Chelsea Hotel and saw a group of tourists snapping away! I read briefly about their famous patrons in the past and had to join in the fun! Without knowing much about the history of this hotel, I took a quick picture before we resume our journey.


And lo and behold, an article on TODAY featured this hotel and I finally get to know what the fuss is all about. According to the article, Chelsea Hotel is not just unique because of their long list of notable residents; it is also special because of their free-wheeling bohemian spirit which was led by then owner-manager Stanley Bard. He is the one who decides on who can stay in the hotel, which room, which floor, and how they pay perhaps in their artwork. Julia Calfree, a photographer who stayed for four years back in 2003 shared.



Under Bard’s hand, it is not a hotel where money rules, he allowed people to stay depending on their potential, a penniless artist with great potential like Bob Dylan fitted the bill. During Calfree’s stay, she had the privilege to take behind the scene and intimate pictures of their residents on a promised of discretion. Too bad Chelsea Hotel is now taken being bought over by a real restate developer, when it reopens again; I doubt it will ever be the same hotel with the old bohemian spirit.

If you are curious about what gets behind the door, you are in luck! Calfree’s exhibition is here in Singapore and you may want to pop by Art Plural Gallery on 38 Armenian Street for her “Inside The Chelsea Hotel” exhibition which runs from now to October 12. Admission is free and it opens from 11am to 7pm Monday to Saturday.



Bangku Bangku


Bangku bangku
317 Joo Chiat Rd
427568 Singapore

While on our way to fulfill my cravings for salted caramel butter cookies at My Lovebites, we spotted this cute vintage store, Bangku Bangku! Didn’t know it existed before this! Bangku Bangku sources items from Indonesian but many of their items has that rustic vintage look that can fit into any vintage / industrial theme home! This store is a tiny store and there are many random stuffs in there. It’s a pity that the person we spoke to in their store doesn’t seem to know his items well, or maybe he is just reserved. I love a vintage piece with a story to tell.




Singer Sewing Machine converted to a table!


This 1930s bicycle is on sale too!


We spotted this and I love it! But the dimension is a little too wide for our bedside! Too bad!

Hari Raya Celebration with Elias and Saliha

J’s friend, Elias and Saliha, invited us to their place for Hari Raya and gosh, the food is to die for, their home is lovely and Fiyyaz and Sarah’s baby, Yusof aka Joseph, is the cutest baby I’ve seen!

The Food


Love their homemade cookies!


Their chicken wings are to die for and I’m getting the recipe from Saliha! Not exactly helpful to my “Get Tone” plan though. Hah. Apparently, during Hari Raya, Malay families will cook a few dishes and host from morning till evening. The food will be replenished with every group of guests! While we were there, there were three other groups of guest streaming in. It is their version of open house where anyone can join them in the feasting!


Masala Tea!



Their Home





As there are many parties to host during their festive period, Malay families will usually do up their living room! Saliha’s place is nicely furnished and very cozy!

The Baby


Baby Yusof.


The cutest baby!


Wine Fiesta


Have a double date or grab a few friends to go sip some wine! They are having buy 2 get 2 free tickets promotion! We will be going on a double date with J’s ex colleague! For more information, see here.

Get Real!

Source: here

It has been almost six months since we picked up Yoga at our neighbourhood community centre and we never regretted it. It is a great introduction to Hatha yoga and we learn all the basic poses like Sun Salutation, Warrior 1 & 2, bridge poses and all. However, after six months, we felt that there is little growth and it is no longer a challenge.

Thanks to Steph, who introduced me to Real Yoga via Groupon, I tried out three lessons and love what it did to my mind and body. It is tough, much tougher than our classes at the community centre, it almost felt like boot camp, but you can really feel the difference it does to your body. Also, I am the competitive sort and I love that it made me push myself harder during each lesson. Plus, when yoga is practiced in a hot studio, it made us sweat like a dog, which is great for our skin!

I just signed up for Real Yoga’s unlimited promotion package at $1860 + GST for a period of 12 months plus 4 months! What prompted me to sign up with Real was the fact that they have a new branch in Tampines in addition to their Centrepoint branch (which is closer to our home), their hot yoga studio, affordable package (compared to other yoga studios) and their yogi master’s no-frills, no-nonsense attitude in class. In addition, Lydia, sales personnel that Steph referred to me, was experienced, patient and friendly! I was sold.

If you are interested to get in touch with the sales personnel who assisted me, drop me a message / mail and I will let you know privately. Meanwhile, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will stay strong and persevere to enjoy the benefits of this ancient knowledge. You can also read more about Steph’s sharing on other yoga studios here!

My Smith Corona Arrived!


My typewriter has arrived! Arrived to Ke Ying’s place that is, in New York! Haha. I will only get it next February but am glad that it is in good hands! Ke Ying also helped in testing it out and looks like I need to get a new ribbon for it! Ke Ying is such a sweetheart! She helped test it despite her busy schedule!

The typewriter looks as good as the pictures featured in Vera Vague! On top of that, the kind people in Vera Vague even wrapped it up nicely and left a sweet note!






Asian Food in New York

We were so sick of burgers, sandwiches and fries and had to eat Asian food! It reminded me of our Italy trip where all we had was pizza, pasta and balsamic sauces meat! Haha. So here are two best places for Asian food in New York!

(1) St Marks Place for Japanese Food

It is a Japanese food town and there are plenty Japanese restaurants here!

Ramen Setagaya
34 1/2 St.Marks PL, New York, NY,11101
TEL: 212387795



Nothing like a good bowl of hot ramen on a rainy night!

14 Stuyvesant St
(between 9th St & 3rd Ave, East Village)
New York, NY 10003




(2) Chinatown for Chinese / Cantonese Restaurants

We tried this Cantonese style restaurant and oh, the roast duck is so good. Nothing like Asian food. Haha. They only accept cash though! Come prepared!

Big Wong King ??
67 Mott St
(Btwn Bayard & Canal St)
New York, NY 10013
Tel: (212) 964-0540




Giant Meteorite at AMNH!

I’m not that into science and space but I thought this huge meteorite is so cool!




I agree!

My 1st Vintage Piece.


I finally got a chance to wear the vintage dress I got from a vintage store at Chatuchak, Bangkok! I must say, it does have that extra twirl and swing! I felt like Marilyn Monroe for a few seconds when it gets a little windy before fearing for my life while hugging my skirt! Haha. It is definitely a no-no for a windy day but a yes for a Sunday tea or gathering with your girlies!

3D Autumn Theme Wedding Invite


Siqi just presented to us a very creative card! You can probably guess the theme, it is “Autumn”, but you can never guess what’s in there!



It is a 3D card! Wow!


So creative! It is an Autumn theme at their wedding location! Hotel Fort Canning! Beautiful! I can’t wait to attend her wedding!

American Museum of Natural History, New York: Dinosaurs

Do you have a favourite Dinosaur movie/series when you were a child? I do! It is definitely not Barney because he makes me sick and it is also not Jurassic Park, because it is too freaky for a child! It is The Land Before Time! I have a feeling this is my sister’s favourite Dinosaur movie too! Haha.


Even though I can’t remember what the various dinosaurs are called except Tyrannosaurus, I was very thrilled!


Beaming with excitement!


I’m not the only happy one!



The vegetarian.




They all exist! Or rather, existed before!


These tiny and agile ones who steal eggs! I remember them!


Their eggs.


I remember this guy too!






The girl dino in the cartoon! Not me of course!