Going bare down south at Fabulous Tan

Always thought about going bare down south but didn’t had the courage or the need to do it. Chatted with Steph and she recommended Brazilian Wax and I was toying with the idea before plucking my courage to buy a deal off Deals.com.sg! For $18, you get a Brazilian Wax at Fabulous Tan. After speaking to my sister about it, I realized she has been going bare for a while and was using IPL treatment instead! So I also bought a deal off Groupon for 3 IPL session.

After my UTI scare, I was even more determined to pay attention to my feminine hygiene!

To cut the story short, here is a short review of my experience at Fabulous Tan. It was my first time going for a waxing service and it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

The heat of both the hard and soft wax are tolerable and it was kind of comfortable for me. It is probably because I love taking hot shower and am used to hot water on my skin! The pain was uncomfortable but bearable, definitely not the scream-your-head-off kind of pain! It wasn’t shocking either. It’s either because I had a higher pain tolerance or I imagined the worst! Haha. Fabulous Tan at Cineleisure is more like a no frill and fuss free environment. Unlike a spa environment, everything is basic and efficient. Haha.


Fabulous Tan at Cineleisure


Wash yourself clean before the session


The hard and soft wax. This is a bad picture, I was stripping and fumbling with my phone!


The view from my bed. Not much of a view there.


The bed. No towel to cover yourself, just you and a sheet of paper.


My lovely therapist – Chester – who is really attentive and gentle. She kept checking on me if I’m ok or still alive. Haha.

If you asked me if I would recommend anyone to Fabulous Tan via Groupon/Deals, I would say, yeah, go for it, cause it’s really cheap and I like that they will send reminder SMS on your appointment and even an SMS to get you to rate the service after your session. The session was also fuss free and comfortable. But having said that, I would like to try IPL next!

Here are some tips from this session:-

  • Do not shave em before the session, let it grow for 2 – 3 weeks. The hair must be long enough to allow sufficient grip on the wax. I shave them a week ago and it was too short. In the end, the therapist had to use a few more rounds of wax, a tweezer and put her face really close.
  • Wear loose fitting bottoms. Preferably a skirt or a dress. This also includes your inner wear. Wear some loose fitting granny cotton pants to let her breathe!
  • Inform your therapist that it’s your first time! They will be more attentive and gentle!
  • Distract yourself with your phone. Thankfully I had my phone with me and I just chatted, took pictures, and surf online. Hah.
  • Relax and breathe! I know laying there without your pants may seem intimidating at first, but if you imagine yourself as a piece of meat, like a turkey waiting to be marinated, it’s not that bad. Haha

Can you remember your first waxing experience? Where and how was it?


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