Groupon Deal: Silver Jewellery Making Workshop by JDMIS

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I told you Groupon is making me a spendthrift and I’m not even kidding. Have you ever dream of being a jeweller? Or to customise and make your own jewellery? But you are not into looping beads or charms together but am interested in making jewellery from precious metal?

I always wonder how do people in Etsy create pretty and customisable jewelries and when I chanced upon this Groupon deal – Silver Jewellery Making Workshop by JDMIS – (the deal just got extended by two more days) I thought it is rather interesting and a good experience to get my hands dirty just to give this a try! It is a little pricey at $88 for a 3 hour workshop but you get to keep your 10gm worth of 0.999 silver pendant / ring you created which they are retailing at $40 over for a packet of 10gm Silver clay.

I’ve called to ask, you can’t make anything under the moon during this workshop as the main purpose of the class is to teach us the techniques of using Silver Clay! But you may deviate a little just to add a bit of personality! You heard me right, they are using a clay like material where you mould into the shape you like, sit it over fire, start scrubbing and all and tadah! Your play doh will turn into a shiny pure silver accessory! Ok, maybe I simplified the process a little, but that’s basically what it is. I just bought the deal and hopefully will get to have a ball of fun in April (when I finally have the time to sign up!)!

Can the people in Groupon just give us a break!? Stop having cool deals! Ah! With the app, it’s just too accessible and tempting to just click BUY!


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2 responses to “Groupon Deal: Silver Jewellery Making Workshop by JDMIS”

  1. YuHui says :

    Well Gmarket is making me broke. Ditto for all online blogshops… hahaha

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