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Simple Market in Taipei

Always love a good market! Be it a farmer’s market, a craft market, a vintage flea market or an artist market, I love the vibe and the excitement to go on a gem hunt! Haha. My favourite till date is Brooklyn Flea Market in New York!

Read about Simple Market in Taipei at Greenlaundry and thought I should bookmark it for future trips! If I happen to be in Taipei, I would love to visit this market!


Source: Greenlaundry


Source: Greenlaundry

Simple Market
Xinyi Public Assembly Hall
54 Songqin Street, Xinyi District
Sundays, 1 – 7pm
(Walking distance from Taipei 101 according to Greenlaundry)

Hola at Shana!


I have been wearing a lot of shorts and tops combi lately and I am running out of tops! Walked into Shana to browse around and it doesn’t seem promising initially. But after picking up one top, three more followed. Haha. Shana is the fastest growing high-street fashion chain from Spain which offers affordable fashion items. Currently there is a 10% discount on regular items for more than three items purchased or 20% discount for more than four items purchased. Additionally, with every $50 purchased, you get a $5 voucher (with minimum purchase of $10) for your next purchase. So I grabbed four tops which averaged out to be $25 each! Not that bad a deal! Shana is currently located at #02-18 Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street and #02-24/25, Jcube, 2 Jurong East Central 1.

Groupon Deal: Wax Seal Stamp



I’m hooked to online shopping, mainly on Groupon and Etsy. It’s scary! I bought this off Groupon because it’s really value for money! At $21.90 I can get a customized wax seal stamp and waxes delivered to my place! Would love to use this for letters and cards in the future! Another few more hours to go before this deal ends, so Shop Here Now!

My Office’s Vanity Corner


I did a mini spring cleaning in my office room today and created a mini vanity corner! With my all time favourite perfume, hand cream, lip balm, hair conditioner, and sun screen!

Do you have a vanity corner in your office? What are some basic beauty items in your office?

Cafe Frenzie at Punggol



Cafe Frenzie Bistro & Bar
10 Tebing Lane
Tel: 64410966

You will never believe that there is a nice drinking place like Cafe Frenzie Bistro & Bar tucked in a corner of Punggol near to the waterfront, together with other tenants like Popeyes, a Hongkong cafe, a seafood restaurant, a prawning area and a place for billiard and pool! This is probably the hippest hangout place in Punggol. Cw, you will have a place to hang out in the future! We didn’t try their food but it’s a nice place just to chill and have a drink.


It’s almost confirmed, I am heading to Kobe, Japan for 17 days from February to March for a work study trip. It’s going to be cold. Brrr.


Happy Weekend People!

Yoga in a Park


The beauty of working afternoon shift is the free time I have in the morning! This morning, I explored the park near where I currently stay and had a 40 minutes yoga session before a drizzle spoiled all the fun! The benefit of having a park just 5 minutes walk away includes yoga at a park, evening stroll and a walk (or run) in a park!


The corner I found for my private yoga session!

I was discipline enough to only manage eight rounds of sun salutation, six rounds of Warrior one and four rounds of Warrior two. You will notice that the rounds dwindle as I progress as the inertia kicks in as I progress. Haha. It was followed by random stretches for a bit.


The view I had all to myself.

The fun benefits of practicing yoga in a park are (1) enjoying a dose of vitamin D from the morning sun, (2) breathing in fresh clean air compared to stuffy and humid air, (3) taking in the spirit of carefreeness and ignoring all the strange stares from passerby and lastly (4) taking in a private moment of self awareness with a view.

The not so fun parts of practicing yoga in a park are (1) finding a quiet and private spot without ants or bugs, (2) lack of mirror to correct your poses and (3) the need to clean up your yoga mat thereafter.

It has been a fun session and I will surely do it again!

Find Cash Inside!


I love seaweed (Japanese, Korean, Thailand style or even seaweed in soup)! Love this seaweed snack and while I was opening this pack I spotted a sticker saying “Find Cash Inside”.


I was thinking maybe there will be a scratch card or something similar but lo and behold, I found a dollar coin! Haha.


This is a surprising promotion but I’m not sure if it is hygienic especially when they used old coins instead of new ones. What is puzzling to me is that they took the effort to send these cash to Thailand where it is manufactured for packing and then send it back to Singapore. So weird. Haha. I wonder what other denominations of cash can be found inside the pack! I paid two dollars plus for a pack and got a dollar back! Not bad a deal! It shall be my lucky coin!

Have you found any cash in them?

Wild Honey at Scotts Square

Recently I’ve been eating out ALOT and hence the many food posts here! Was at Wild Honey at Scotts Square and love that the ambience is great and comforting all day breakfast too! But it was too pricey to have them regularly and their service is not attentive. I prefer down to earth, affordable and healthy Cedele any day! Oops.



The Canadian

The pancake is fluffy and soft but too thick. The berry sauce is sourish and I would have prefer it to be sweeter!


The English

The bread is soft and yummy, the sausage is nice, love the mushroom and dad’s baked beans but the portion is too huge.


Steak sandwich with beetroot

Yummy bread with yummy steak with beetroot but we were too stuffed. Too much food, too much carbs, we were too greedy.

The Odbo in Singapore


When I went to Korea, I was introduced to this brand of skincare products which I am currently using! I am using their BB cream (love that it is very light and it doesn’t make my skin feels oily), UV Sunpact (similarly it is light and not oily) and eye mask. I’ve never seen this brand sold in our departmental stores here and was googling online and found an online store founded by Odbo users. But over the weekends, I came across Odbo roadshow at Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium (apparently founded in Hongkong and not China) in Chinatown! I was there looking for Lunar New Year decorations (to no avail) but came across this! The good news is that they are selling all the products I’m currently using, the sad news is that, it costs two to three times the price I paid in Korea! Can the good people in Odbo make it more affordable and accessible please?!

Decors from The Verge



The Verge
2 Serangoon Road

In a few weeks time, Lunar New Year will be here! Together with a few of my colleagues we head over to The Verge (formally Tekka Mall) to pick up some affordable plastic flowers and Lunar New Year decor for The Frontline. It is also a good place to buy plastic flowers for weddings and other decorative use! There are also shops which sell party needs. We had fun picking some flowers and carting home random decorative items.


Hug me please!


Nearing to Christmas last month, The Frontline had balloon sculpting to entertain our customers. I asked for a pink balloon flower just to brighten up my day. I want my life this babydoll pink with happiness!

My mighty mouse.


On New Year’s Eve, I wanted to take a picture of what I wore cause it’s been a long while since I last dressed up for an occasion. I took this picture and realized I have a huge mighty mouse, my bicep is huge. Boo.

Another dose of My Lovebites


The sweet owner of My Lovebites, Olivia, sent more cookies to me of some of the new flavours in mini bags a while back!


I love Mint Chocolates and when she came up with this new flavour, I knew I had to try it! It is so good! The hint of mint is not too strong that it overpowers the chocolate and yet it is not too subtle that you can’t taste the mint. A well balanced mint chocolate chip cookie! I finished the mini bag in one seating!


This is one unique cookie! If you love chai tea you will love this. Exotic tea taste perfect with my chamomile tea. Yums! Thank you babe for the cookies! Do check out their handmade and preservative free cookies made with the finest ingredient with love by the people from My Lovebites!

Disappointing new Ikea Meatballs


Had Ikea food on Friday and to my disappointment, their meatballs doesn’t taste as good as before! Ikea meatballs and chicken wings used to be my comfort food but with their new meatballs which comes in irregular shape and is too soft, I doubt I will have craving for it the next time. Boo! I want my firm and juicy meatballs back!



Source: Esty

I love this word, not just because it starts with my name but I love the meaning behind it. According to WikipediaSerendipity means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it.

Doesn’t it happen to everyone? Sometimes in life, we find something pleasant in places we least expected it.

Flower by Kenzo


Flower by Kenzo is my favourite scent and I bought this during Christmas for myself! It is a mildly floral and powdery scent which smells fresh and happy! Love the size of the bottles which I can spray on after my yoga sessions!

What is your favourite scent?

// My blog posts are getting random and I know it. This is what happened when one is stuck in bed for two days.

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Preston & Child: The Pendergast Series


I love Preston & Child‘s Pendergast series. I accidentally stumbled upon their third book, The Cabinet of Curiosities and love that there are many history and interesting facts with a plot situated in a Natural History Museum in my favourite city New York! After this book, the story continues with various mysteries and adventures and somehow or rather, FBI Agent Pendergast often appears to be involved in them officially or unofficially. The main character Pendergast who is stoically aloof and eccentric, yet with his politeness and intellect made him a unique and charming character. Since then, I’ve read all the books (minus his first two, I don’t like to backtrack the story), and am looking forward to his latest book Two Graves which was released in December! I’ve already bought it off Fishpond and am waiting impatiently for its arrival! This series is a must read for people who enjoys crime scene investigation, thrillers and mysteries with hints of history and cultural background.