Best Ramen Till Date: Ichiran Ramen, Shibuya Tokyo


Thanks to Lady J‘s recommendation, we headed to Ichiran Ramen and found the best ramen tasted till date and experienced an interesting dining concept! Maybe because we were tired and hungry and it was really cold, the ramen is the best! There are a few stores in Toyko and we picked the one at Shibuya, it is next to Zara, so just look out for Zara and walk a block or two and you will see it! It is open 24 hours and you get to customise the soup intensity, oiliness, softness/hardness of noodle, type of spring onion and other add ons like eggs, pork, seaweed, noodles, spring onions etc. Read on to see how this strange little ramen store works!


Insert money and pick the ramen you want and its add ons.


Grab the tickets and wait for your turn to fill up the form to customize your ramen.


Customize your ramen! This is my friend’s form which you will see it below. For me, I had thin green onion and regular secret sauce which is slightly more spicy and very good!


The panel here will indicate which cubicle is available with blue light.


You will be shown to your cubicle! This is kind of like a ramen place for introverts or people who doesn’t like to talk but just enjoy your ramen! Haha. But if you are here with your friends, you can choose to flip open the panel!


My friend got the ones with an egg but I forgot to add an egg at the vending machine! Thankfully, I can just inform them and pay them in cash instead of going through the whole vending machine process to get the yummy soft boil egg! The best! You got to de-shell it on your own though! Haha.


I added additional meat, seaweed and egg! Yums!


If you love their soup and finish all of it, this is what you will see! With the limited knowledge and assumption that Kanji is basically Chinese, it probably means you finish every drop of the soup and attain highest happiness! Haha.


I’m a happy girl! Yums! Thank you Lady J!

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2 responses to “Best Ramen Till Date: Ichiran Ramen, Shibuya Tokyo”

  1. Lady J says :

    :) Glad you made it there! It really is the best ramen for me-to-date as well! :)

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