Our Big Meal at Kaikaya By the Sea, Tokyo



Kaikaya By the Sea (Shibuya)
23-7 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

This is another wonderful restaurant which Lady J recommended for us to try in Tokyo! It is a Japanese fusion restaurant with the main focus on fish! The entrance is whimsical and hard to miss! The interior is pretty, cozy, with a surfboard and pretty frame pictures all over!






This is a must go for fish and sashimi lover! It is really yummy but I made a total blunder at this place! We were unsure of what to order and asked the staff for some recommendation. The staff then recommended us to try their house special set which is not on their menu, they shared that the sets come in 3500, 4000 or 4500 yen. We asked if the amount quoted is in total or per pax, and were informed that it is a total of 3500 yen. With that in mind, we thought, oh, that’s cheap for five pax! Perhaps it is a sampler set for us to try their various dishes! So I thought, we should go for the 4000 yen version, thinking that the 3500 yen may not be sufficient.

But when they served us the first three dishes, something is not right, the portion, quality and freshness of the meal definitely worth more than 4000 yen! When they served us the sashimi platter, it became obvious that it was a miscommunication and he meant 4000 yen in total for each person. Then the food kept coming and we were all stuffed with fish! Haha. No more fish for the week!


My excited face!

That being said, the food is really really yummy, I love the fusion style and the taste is really special! I won’t mind paying SGD60 for this meal and it is really worth it if you are a sashimi lover! Even though I don’t take raw fish, I heard from my friends that the sashimi is really fresh! So let’s stop the writing and let the pictures do the talking! There are ton of pictures here and I hope the amount of food we had won’t scare you! Haha.



(Dish 1) Yummy Beef Salad. The beef is really tender and perfect!


(Dish 2) Fried prawn which was really juicy, firm and fresh! I love this too!


(Dish 3) Thinly slice sashimi with herbs and spices. Really good too for someone who doesn’t quite eat raw stuff! This is when we realised this is not right!


(Dish 4) When they served this, our jaw dropped and we all went woah at the same time! This sashimi platter is amazing for sashimi lover!


(Dish 4) It came with fresh wasabi too!


(Dish 5) I love this too! No idea what the name of this dish is but it taste so good! The sauce is mildly spicy and reminds me of Viet or Thai cuisine. Haha. Yums


(Dish 6) Baked Cod fish roe in blue cheese. I don’t take roe either but the blue cheese sauce is so yummy! I ate two slices of bread with this!


(Dish 7) Fish head miso soup! I am running out of words to describe how good the food is! Haha.


(Dish 8) Hot plate chicken. This is just average and pretty normal. A good break to have with so many fish dishes though. Haha.


(Dish 9) We were almost bursting! Grilled fish! I don’t really like the taste and texture of this fish though.



(Dish 10) This is the second last dish! I don’t take raw fish but my friends are grabbing second servings despite being so stuffed! So I concluded that it must be good! Haha. You are supposed to mix it and wrap it in seaweed like a sushi roll!


(Dish 11) Cherry Blossom Ice Cream. This has a very mild taste and is rather average but it adds a nice finishing touch to the meal.

There! We ate 11 dishes and only paid 4000 yen each for it (excluding drinks). It is really good to order the house special set if you have no idea what you would like and you just want to try everything! Blurp!

Thank you Lady J for the yummy recommendation! I will surely recommend this too if you are tired of the usual Japanese cuisine! This is something with a kick and yet maintain the Japanese standard in terms of food quality, freshness and taste!

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2 responses to “Our Big Meal at Kaikaya By the Sea, Tokyo”

  1. yirene says :

    omggggggg. this looks so damn good! i am salivating just by looking at the pictures! hongyi said it is making him very hungry!!! rawr!

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