Riptide & Adventure of 2 Girls

Hotels in Japan usually do not come with English TV channels. None of the three hotels we stayed came with English channels. Since two of the tactics to be happy involve reading and limiting television, it is a perfect 17 days of reading and limited television watching in Japan!

During this trip, I finished reading two books which I enjoyed thoroughly! Here are the two books which tide me through the boring TV-less night in Japan and long train rides between Tokyo and Kobe.


Other than the Pendergast series, Preston and Child also write other stand alone novels! I love their books as it is thrilling and they often take reference on certain facts, history and cultures. This time round, this book – Riptide – is about a Water Pit which holds the treasures hidden by a renowned seventeenth-century architect for the pirates. Many treasure hunters attempted unsuccessfully to unlock the deadly and cursed puzzle. But now, together with the most advanced technology and a team of professionals from archeologist to historian to engineer and IT specialist, the team will attempt to unlock this pit again. Even though this story is set in an island off of Maine, it took reference from an actual pit in Oak Island. The mystery of the water pit in Oak Island remains and no one knows if there are actually treasures in it. Have fun reading it!

The other book which I am really excited to share is written by two sassy Singaporean girls! I came across this book – Adventure of 2 Girls – in our local book store but resisted in an attempt to save money. After a quick search in our National Library site, I quickly made a reservation for the book and paid a reservation fee in hope of borrowing it for my Japan trip!


Pamela and Ning dropped their careers and went backpacking for nine months around the world. I admire their courage and wanderlust spirit! It is a book narrating funny incidents they encountered, episodes on how they almost killed each other while bickering, and how this pair of BFF conquered the world! It is not just a book narrating on their adventure in various countries, but also a sharing on the people they met along the way. I love that they did not pick those easy and touristy destinations but ended up in the wilderness like the Sahara desert, Madagascar, and various villages in India. Most would not pick these locations and it’s just amazing how these two ladies survived the trip. Ning also graduated from Le Cordon Bleu after going through three months of intensive course in Paris along the way!

This book is easy and funny to read, and these two girls are such fun characters.

Ning is Singapore’s first professional female magician and escape artist, and is a graduate from the School of Film & Media studies. She was also awarded with a scholarship for excellence in writing, so it is no wonder that she writes well!

As for Pam, she is a radio DJ/talk show host, published writer, and former deputy editor of a magazine. She is also a graduate of English and holds a masters degree in Psychology. It is really fun reading about the various encounters from the different perspectives of the two girls!

The best book to read while on holiday! A piece of advice, do not read this if you are stuck at work with no time for a holiday. Because this book will surely tempt you to drop all things and book a flight out of our sunny island!


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