Shopping Loots from Japan

There are some must buys in Japan and I have broadly categorize them in a few categories! If you are in Japan, happy shopping!

Pretty Little Things from Tokyo Hands / Loft and other random stores





Things designed and/or made in Japan is just too pretty. You can always find something for yourself or your friends at Tokyo Hands / Loft or random pretty stores in Japan.

Burberry Blue Label from Ginza


There is one entire level dedicated to Burberry Blue Label collection at the Burberry branch at Ginza. This range is exclusive to Japanese market, the bags are mostly made in Japan (according to the sales girl) and is slightly more affordable compared to main Burberry collection.

Beauty Products from Drug Stores


It is a must to top up your Japanese brand beauty products in Japan. I always try to lug home my daily facial products like Hada Labo, Biore makeup remover wipes, affordable aqua sunblock and other random makeup. I don’t use Shisedo, Ettusais or Fancl, but I heard it is cheaper in Japan too. I helped a family friend to buy a Kose product and it cost almost half price in Japan! Wow.

Yummy Snacks from Supermarkets / Drug Stores / Airport


I lugged home a lot of snacks for my staffs and random condiments for my family. Generally, the prices at drug stores can be lower than supermarkets but most of the drug stores practised loss leader pricing strategy (one or two really low price items to attract you into the store). This is generally true for small packs of chocolates and biscuits.



Another must buys in Japan are the yummy gift box treats which is widely available at Narita Airport. I didn’t manage to sneak a picture of the fifteen over gift boxes of yummy treats I got from the airport. There are popular treats like Tokyo Banana, Hiyoko (Chicken shaped) cake, Hokkaido Shiroi Koibito Winter Chocolate, Royce chocolates, interesting flavoured Kit Kats, and other traditional pastries and mochi all at the airport at a tax free rate!

Japanese Magazines with Pretty Freebies


A way to toss all the loose Yen you have before you depart from your country is to buy some Tax Free Japanese Magazines at the airport! It is often bundled with a gift which are really pretty. Some of them are Labelled freebies while others are really just pretty tote bags. I can’t resist pretty floral prints. Haha.

Anime and random Japanese Cartoon Characters


Japan is famous for creating many famous childhood cartoon characters like Hello Kitty, Doraemon and all. Thankfully I don’t fancy any of these characters, otherwise I can imagine myself lugging them all home. If you are a fan, you may want to pop by the Hakuhinkan Toy Park at Ginza, which is one of the oldest and largest toy stores in Japan. I popped over and got some random stuffs and a gift for my brother of his favourite green hair girl.


Coincidentally, during my stay in Japan, it is also the release of a PS3 game of my brother’s favourite green hair girl. I went over to Yodabashi Camera at Shinjuku which sells mainly electronics and also the latest games. Initially I intended to head over to their largest branch at Akihabara which is dedicated to Anime and Manga but thankfully, a phone call to their branch directed me to Shinjuku which is much nearer to where I stayed in. Initially I was worried that I had to fight my way against many green hair walking people but my worry was unfounded at Shinjuku. Phew.

Lucky Charms in Pretty Embroidered Bags from Various Temples




I got some from Asakusa and the rest from the temple in Kobe. I love the embroidered bags and I thought it makes a nice gift for friends and family.

So other then these, I also lug home other random stuffs. Haha.


A visit to their huge Uniqlo at Ginza and got my dad a wind breaker.


A trip to F21 and got more clothes. I think I lost some weight, my S size romper from F21 is now a little too loose. Crap.


Don’t ask me why I lug home so many brollies. My friend told me this brand of brollies – Waterfront – which is though made in China but exclusive for Japanese market, is lightweight and durable. So I got it for my girlies.


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