Review of Hotel Mets at Shibuya, Tokyo Japan




The second hotel that we stayed in Tokyo is in Shibuya! Hotel METS is located right in JR Shibuya Station at New South Exit. Shibuya Station is huge and the hotel is located nearer to the offices and business area rather than the Hachiko exit where all the happenings are. Despite that, it is really convenient as the New South Exit is nearest to NEX (Narita Express) line! This comes in handy if you have a luggage to lug and are traveling from Narita Airport via NEX line! Walking to Hachiko exit is a mere 10 minutes walk and it is really not that far when the weather is nice.

The good about this hotel other than the location is that it is clean and rather new. It is slightly more spacious compared to other hotels too. Also, there are two cafes to choose your complimentary breakfast from (one is a buffet with poor selection and bad food but beautiful decor and the other one is a set menu with limited selection but better quality food).


The Public House cafe with really pretty decor but crappy breakfast and coffee.






The bad about this hotel is the lack of Wifi in the hotel room. They do provide Lan point for free internet usage. So if you buy a Lan router which allows you to use Wifi that will be perfect. Jasmine brought a gadget like that and we had free wifi in the room too! Will share more about the gadget in other posts for tech noobs like me! Haha. Other than that, I really don’t have any complaints about this hotel!


The other cafe with very nice and modern decor too.


Their set meal selection. Limited but yummy. Not for people who eats a lot of breakfast though. Haha.




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