Re-Spooling my Smith Corona Cougar Deluxe


Remember a long time back, I bought a typewriter off Etsy and got Ke Ying to help me ship it back in her container? I grabbed it from her recently (Thank you babe!) and re-spooled my typewriter with new ink ribbon and am excited to start a scrapbooking project or letter typing habit. I love this baby teal typewriter! Haha.

I will be sharing on where I got my ink ribbon from and how I respooled the ink ribbon!

First of all, typewriter ink ribbon is no longer readily available in all bookstores but if you head over to Bras Basah Complex, you pop into some old stationary stores, you can still find them!



I did just that and walk into the first stationary store I saw and TADAH I bought two boxes of standard typewriter ink ribbons for a cheap $3.50 each! Wow!


Standard Typewritter Ink Ribbons come in a standard 2 inch spool which can fit most typewriters. But because my typewriter is a portable typewriter – a Smith Corona Cougar Deluxe – it is smaller and more compact and requires 1.5 inch spool instead!


It is really tough to find ink ribbon in this spool size and if I have to hunt for it, I will probably have to search the web and page a crazy price. The next best alternative is to respool it on your own!

Before you get too excited and are too eager to get the action going, do observe the way the ribbons are threaded along the clips and nooks of the typewriter! There after, unwind one end of the spool and pick it up. You can remove most of the spools from typewriters by lifting it straight up. If it won’t bulge, trying using a little force but be careful not to break it and lift it from the bottom and not pull it from the top. With a little tug, it came off easily.

The way the ribbons are secured to the spool varies a little among typewriters, but most come with a clip. For mind, it came with a little clip that you can pull it out to secure the ribbons.




After you have manage to secure one side of the old spool to the new ribbon, the painful process starts. You just have to work your fingers and keep turning both sides of the spool to transfer the new ribbons from the new spool to your old spool.


Keep doing it until you reach the end of the ribbon, snip the edge of the ribbon from the new spool and fit the old spool which you have filled up with new ribbons on the left side of the typewriter. Thread the ribbon through the typewriter the way it was originally threaded. Then remove the old spool from the right side, remove the old ribbon from the old spool and clip the ribbon to the old spool and TADAH you are done. I think I made it sounds really complicated but it is really not. The trick is to first observe how all the ribbons are threaded along the typewriters, use a bit of common sense and just go with the flow to fix it in.


In the end, I got my typewriter fixed within 5 minutes and ended up with beautiful ink stained fingers. Haha. It can be messy yah. I used makeup remover wipes to remove these nasty inks from my machine and fingers!




Have a Happy Weekend and Happy Easter!


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