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Life Lessons my Mother taught me

In tribute to my Mum for the coming Mother’s Day, I thought I should summarize some of the life lessons she taught me. I may not practice all of these for a 100 percent, but I try my best. My mum don’t read my blog and I am not someone who expresses familial love easily, but here goes.

Here are some life lessons that my mum taught me:-


(1) Be generous to those in need: My mum is the most generous person I’ve seen. She often lends money to her friends / relatives and not expecting them to return back to her. She also volunteers weekly to help distribute food bags to needy families. I’m very proud of her in this aspect.

(2) Never let people who is picking you up with a car wait at the roadside: As a kid, whenever we ask for a ride home / elsewhere, she expects us to be at the pickup location earlier or on time. As I grew older, I understand the inconvenience of having the car wait at the roadside with ongoing traffic. These days, even though I can’t be early or on time all the time, I try my best to be early and wait patiently with a book in hand.

(3) Cherish siblings relationship: My mum is very close to her sisters and they have gatherings at my grandma’s place every week. She also gives monthly allowance to her elder sister because she is retired and has no income. I can tell that she really takes care of her siblings and their relationship is very tight knitted. I love you sister and bro too!

(4) Put in effort in my dressing and makeup: I remember when I was a teenager, I mum will make sure that I draw my eyebrows to perfection. Whenever I try drawing my eyebrows without her guidance in the past, I will end up with two caterpillars on my face and for sure she will nag at me.

(5) Be open minded and accepting: My mum is the coolest mum of all time. I remembered when I came home telling her that I want to convert to Christianity when I was 16. She is totally cool about it. She told me that even if I chose to marry someone of a different race and believe in a different religion, as long as I’m happy, she is cool with it. She is one who allows us to make mistakes in life. We can choose to do anything as long as we are happy, live with no regrets and answer for our decisions.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I dropped my phone tonight and my friend picked it up. Thank goodness! I will be meeting him to pick it up tomorrow morning. Now, I am going to have a sleepless night without my phone by my side. Gosh. I’m thankful for my Macbook, Internet, Gmail and FB. Communication is still possible but just not on the go. I’m back to the old school communication system where you inform the person the location and time to meet, and keep my fingers crossed that he/she will turn up and not be late. Because I don’t even have a pager now. Hmph.

Free Pap Smear this May!


Source: Here

This May, Singapore Cancer Society is offering Free Pap Smear for all female Singaporeans and PR aged 25 – 69 years old! Cervical Cancer ranks no. 9 among the cancers diagnosed in Singaporean women. Each year, 200 women are diagnosed with the disease and 70 of them die from it. It is a highly preventable and curable disease.

I hope I can find the time to arrange for a Pap Smear session this May! Girls! Come lift your skirt and save your life.

Love through Feeding your Favourite Food.

You know your family loves you when you go back and visit, they will feed you with all your favourite food. HAHA.

photo (35)
Purple sweet potato. Yummy.

photo (33)

Roast duck and roast pork.

photo (34)
King of fruits, durian for dessert!

With my Casio Brown Leather Watch

A relaxing afternoon with my new casio leather watch
I’m hoping to own these items to dress up like that. Isn’t the printed top beautiful? That’s how I will dress up with my new Casio brown leather watch!

// I just realize that if you can’t find the items/pictures you need in Polyvore to create your board, you can try to clip them! That’s nice.

photo (32)

It is time for a shopping trip! Haha. Yvonne, Alphania and I booked ourselves a flight to Bangkok in October for some serious shopping! I can’t wait to lug home a year’s worth of clothes! I heard the new Union Mall is great! Haha.

It will be our third holiday together after some eight years? We had our first holiday together in Secondary School when Yvonne celebrated her birthday in Genting Highland, Malaysia. Four years later, we headed to Redang, Malaysia to celebrate the completion of our polytechnic education! It was really fun! With lots of sand, sun, beach and snorkelling. This time round, it will be shopping, eating and massage! I can’t wait.

A Simple Brown Leather Casio Watch

photo (31)

I’ve a thing for Casio classic watches. I like that it is affordable, durable, water resistant, simple and always a classic. I’ve been eyeing for a brown leather Casio classic watch for the longest time and I am glad to come across !

photo (29)

Watchspree is having a sale on the watches that I’m eyeing and so I got myself a Casio Brown leather watch (Code: LTP-1095Q-9B1) for a mere $28 with registered mail included! How amazing is that? The best thing is, I bought it on a Tuesday afternoon and got my watch on Thursday! Wow! On top of that, the online store also give an in-house one year warranty for the watch!

photo (28)

photo (27)

I realized the watch that I bought is out of stock but fret not, there are many other pretty ones too! This watch will go so well with my vintage brown leather bag! I realize I am not those who fancy expensive watches, partly also because I am broke (haha) and mainly because I am clumsy and will probably scratch those fancy watch within a day. So meanwhile, simple Casios will do.

photo (30)

Indulging in Books.

After discovering these authors, I have cultivated a new habit of reading. I love that I can depend on my trusty book and rely less on my phone during those train rides. I have also grown to spend lesser time in front of television and indulge in a good book instead.

The genre of books I read differ greatly from what I used to read too! I read a lot of light heart and brainless chick flicks in the past, but now, I am really into thrillers, crimes, and fiction of investigative nature. It is all too exciting! Haha.

Here are my favourite authors and the books that I have read recently!

Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child’s Pendagast Series: I have finally completed their first two books – Relic and Reliquary! It is a bittersweet emotion to read all their books. It means the end of Pendagast till their next release!

Linwood Barclay’s Bad Guys is good too. Nothing like the Pendagast series where history and facts are presented with New York as the backdrop. But this book about a reporter – Zack Walker – who got caught in a whirl of crimes while getting an insight in the life of a private investigator is good as well.

Douglas Preston’s Tyrannosaur Canyon is a joy to read! It is about finding out the identity of a fossil hunter who got murdered after his latest discovery of a complete fossil of T-Rex. His latest discovery holds the key to the answers of dinosaurs’ extinction and if misused may pose a threat to mankind.

photo (26)

I’ve just borrowed another three books and am really excited to start reading them!

Where’s my exclaimation mark on my typewriter?!

photo (25)

photo (24)

While I was practising on my typewriter, I noticed that they do not have exclamation mark! People in the 60’s don’t express in exclamation?! Haha. I knew typing with the yellowed paper I found at Public Garden Fair’s Paper Pan is perfect! It completes the old school look! Haha.

Green with Envy

If you are green with envy recently, you have all the rights to do so this year! Pantone has just declared Emerald Green as the colour of the year!

If you are like me who will not wear green all over, you can embrace it with some pretty Emerald accessories or decors! If I were to don on Emerald Green, I will do so like this! How would you do it? Try playing it with Polyvore and share! Haha. I’m now hook to this site!

green with envy

I’m a hopeless romantic.

Remember a while back, I blogged about the shocking news of Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh (local celebrities)? 8 Days (local TV magazine) did a short followup article! I belong to the minority – the hopeless romantics. Hah.

photo (23)

Tulipmania is coming to Singapore!

What’s your favourite flower? My top favourite has always been tulip and I remembered when I was in Secondary School, the boy whom I go out with will shower me with tulips or tulips motif gifts! It ranges from origami tulip, tulip photo frames, artificial tulips, and other random stuffs. Even though I love all flowers, tulip holds a special place in my heart. So why all the sudden tulip talk? It’s because the largest tulip exhibition ever is coming to Singapore! I want to go to Tulipmania!

photo (22)

The Good and Bad of Laduree Singapore

photo (7)

By now macaroon lovers must have heard the news that the famous Laduree hailing all the way from Paris is here in Singapore in Takashimaya! Last Saturday, Yvonne, Alphania and I went to queue up for some yummy macaroons! The snaking queue was well managed and we queued for under twenty minutes before it was our turn.

photo (5)

The pastel pops of colours made me happy and I love their pretty decors!

However, there is something that irked me badly. Neither do I mind the wait nor the price, but poor and inconsiderate packaging of the macaroons is a big put off.

photo (1)

My poor macaroons all ended up in a paper bag just because I didn’t buy eight pieces or more! I bought four pieces and all on them ended up in the same paper bag. Can you imagine if you buy seven pieces? Yes, they will all end up in a paper bag!

These macaroons are neither cheap curry puffs nor hardy food that can be tossed around and stay intact. Despite that, these pretties ended up in a paper bag like those we get from Old Chang Kee (a local fried food chain)! Even Bengawan Solo (a local traditional pastry chain) gave us plastic boxes to protect their kuehs (traditional pastries).

I don’t care if the box is ugly as long as it protects my delicate babies before I give it to my friend! In the end, I paid SGD 15.20 without feeling happy after leaving the store. Bad and inconsiderate service indeed. In the end, when I presented my macaroon to boss the next day, one of them is crushed.

photo (19)

The saving grace came from the macaroons itself. They are pure goodness. They are indeed the best macaroons I’ve ever tasted. Much better than those from Bakerzin and Canele!

I tried Salted Caramel (yums and not too sweet), Chocolate Yuzu (Love the sweet and sour contrast), Rose (my all time favourite macaroon flavour) and Marie Antoinette (no idea what’s in there but the colour is nice!)

photo (6)

First of all, the texture of the macaroon shell. It is consistent with every bite. Soft but yet firm throughout. It is neither squashy (except the one which got crushed) nor crunchy and it is incredible fluffy, light and yummy.

Next, the fillings. They are not overpowering sweet but yet the taste and flavour is distinctive. I love that it is not sweet but very fragrant and so good.

Is it worth SGD 3.80? Yes for every bite. But would I buy them as gifts? Not in those paper bags. It is not because we are not willing to buy eight macaroons but it can be a little excessive for one person or two! I would probably pop by for some when the buzz and crowd is gone in the future.

Stiches and Maps

I stumbled upon Stiches and Maps while reading on Saltwater Sandals (yes, still dreaming of it) and am in love with this new blog!

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 8.21.40 AM

Lovingly crafted by two young Singaporean ladies four months ago, the blog focuses on DIY projects, food and travel! On top of that, these pretty ladies also take beautiful pictures and write in an engaging manner! This is the first local DIY blog that I’ve come across and so remind me of those popular reads from the states. I am betting on them to become popular in a big way! Surely Singapore needs a new blog on DIY, food and travel!

Well done ladies and do keep writing! Check them out here! I have also linked them under Local Bloggers!

100 Likes on SbR

photo (1)

I am loving every bit of hosting my blog in WordPress! The best benefit in doing so is the exposure the blog gets! Everyday, Somethingboutrenes (SbR) is read by like-minded people (especially bloggers) from all over the world! And when they read something they enjoy, they will “Like” or “Follow” this blog! Till date, after re-hosting my blog to WordPress for less than a month (I started in 31 March 13), SbR has garnered more than 100 Likes and 20 Followers! This encourages me greatly to write and keep a look out for interesting topics to share with my readers! It is perfect for me too! Because I get to come across many other interesting bloggers from all over the world! My reading list is getting longer each day! Haha.

So if you read something that you enjoy, do “Like” the post! This enables me to know what my readers love and what I’m doing right! It also tells me that I am not alone! Haha. Because I find pleasure sharing and documenting interesting snippets of my life! If you are a new reader and is loving what you read here, do “Follow” me!

Till then, Good night World!

Can I have a pair of Saltwater Sandals to make it my Beach Basics?

i want a saltwater sandal to make it my beach basic

I read about the Saltwater sandals many times in various of my favourite US bloggers for a long long time. Probably for at least a year or two and it has always been at the back of my mind. It is also worn by many celebrities babies and mummies.

And recently, I tried recalling the brand of this hardy sandal which is also waterproof and perfect for travelling! When I realized the lifespan of my cheap Bangkok sandals is coming to an end, I want a pair of Saltwater sandals. I am tired of cheap sandals which break apart after less than ten wears. So just today, I was reminded of the brand when it was posted in A Beautiful Mess!

I love my Birkenstock for its comfort but it is a nightmare to wear them to the beach. I love my Havaianas flip-flops but I look terribly underdressed when touring the city streets. I thought the Saltwater sandals will be perfect, good in water and pretty with dresses or shorts! I heard it is waterproof, hardy and very comfortable!

I googled and realized that Saltwater sandal is in Singapore! They are more popular for their kids range but their ladies range is available in Soon Lee at Haji Lane for SGD 85 to SGD 89! Read how these local ladies wear these pretties in style! I want them in brown or metalic gold! Haha.Shall drop by Haji Lane some day to give it a try!

Anyway, back to this Polyvore board. Here are some of my beach basics.

  • A pretty swinwear that I can feel confident in.
  • Waterproof sunblock is a must.
  • A pretty cover up which makes you look sexy but not skimpy.
  • My sunnies.
  • Waterproof sandals.
  • Waterproof eye makeup is very important.

What is your beach basics?

Just us girls at Wild Honey and Ippudo

After Yoga today, I met up with Yvonne and Alph for coffee and dinner! Yvonne is my primary school friend whom I have known for more than 15 years while Alph is our secondary school friend (us three girls all went to the same secondary school). I’m glad we are still sticking by to each other after one and a half decades and can still talk and laugh like before.

photo (4)

photo (8)

Probably the only type of coffee I drink other than Green Tea Latte. Mocha.

photo (11)

Had coffee and pancakes at Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery. Yummy food, great company and nice environment for a relaxing late afternoon. Thereafter, we proceed upstairs to Ippudo for some expensive but yummy ramen.

photo (2)

photo (3)

photo (10)

Adore the spicy ramen with char su and egg.

Groupon Deal: Brazilian IPL by Beyond Beauty

A few months back, I bought a Groupon deal for 3 sessions of Brazilian IPL at Beyond Beauty. I like that it is near my yoga studio and my sister tried it and think it is effective. So after the third session, I bought a 12 session Bare Bikini package at $686 (inclusive of GST) and it came with free whitening every session. This deal is made possible by quoting my sister and her friend’s contact number and it is a previous promotional price and given by referral only. At least I hope it’s true.

Anyway, if you have never tried IPL session before, you can get the Groupon deal and give it a try. It is less painful than waxing but it is definitely not painless. It is however, very tolerable. Almost like eyebrow tweezing. Haha.

photo (20)

The environment at Beyond Beauty is comfortable, clean and spa like. Their service is also fairly good and not extremely pushy.

photo (21)

photo (16)

photo (17)

IPL illustration

After 2 Groupon sessions, this is what’s left down under. Hopefully with 12 sessions, it will be gone for a very long time. Haha.

photo (18)

While walking around Orchard Central, I also chanced upon a poster with their mall promotion details! Apparently, customers can redeem SGD 30 Orchard Central vouchers with more than SGD 300 charged to Mastercard! It is a shopping habit I frequent practice, to always look out for such mall promotions! So I happily received SGD 30 Orchard Central Vouchers which I can use for some ice cream treat the next time after Yoga! Haha.

photo (15)

Swimwear from H&M

photo (12)

photo (13)

Winter clothes are finally out and summer clothes are all in! I love H&M for their pretty and affordable swimwear! Got a set in antique green for my next beach holiday which I have no idea when will it happen. Haha.

photo (14)


I’m going to drag my lazy ass and go for Combat and Hot Stretch class! Meeting Yvonne and Alph there after! Wee!

Happy Weekend people!