Review of Silver Jewellery Making Workshop by JDMIS


Remember a while back where I shared about a Groupon deal by JDMIS to make pretty silver jewellery? I can’t believe there are not many online reviews about this workshop! I went for the 3 hours class during the Easter weekend and enjoyed the class thoroughly! I always wonder how people in Etsy create pretty and customisable jewelries and am really excited to learn this new type of precious metal medium – Art Clay – where creating jewelries is almost as easy as messing with Playdoh!

I got to take home three pieces of fine silver (999 silver) and not just regular sterling silver (aka 925 silver). Fine silver is generally softer and more malleable than sterling silver and some people are worried that it will break. But we tested the silver by throwing it around and it is still intact.

Here are some pictures I took during the class. My phone died midway so I didn’t manage to take the entire process.



The tools we used and no we can’t take home the tools in the Groupon class! We only paid SGD88!




The ring I created. A rope knot ring.


This is the last picture I took before my phone died. A pendant for my sister and a pendant for myself. After moulding them into shape like a playdoh (just that you got to do it very quickly!), you will have to dry it, trim it, fire it, and scrub it before it turns into this! Ba bling!


Am I talented or what! Haha.


In the class, you are able to make at least one ring and one pendant out of the 10 grams of Art Clay provided. But because I made a thinner ring, I had excess Art Clay to make another pendant! As for the design of the ring, it is really up to your creativity as long as it is rounded and follow a certain guideline. THe way you twist and turn it is up to you! As for the pendant, you can also either use a mold or a clay cutter (like those cookie cutter).

Two days after the class, I received a call from JDMIS (Jewellery Design and Management International School) to ask if I am interested in taking their Certificate in Creative Silver Modelling Techniques! Of course I’m interested! I had so much fun in the Groupon class but I’m broke. I can’t believe the certificate class is $2,500! If it is say $800, I will sign up for sure! That being said, the class includes all materials and tools! I’m so tempted, so so tempted. But I am also very broke.

I may really consider it if I ever become a stay home mum. This route is tough given my situation now but oh well. Selling customized jewellries on Etsy sounds too fun! But would I sign up again in the future, yes! Just for the fun of it! Will I recommend this class to my friends? A huge YES!

Perhaps I can get a scholarship for this new found interest? Haha. Any kind souls out there who is willing to sponsor this course for me to turn this interest into hobby and possibly a new business? Haha.


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