Au Chocolat at Marina Bay Sands


We decided to give ourselves a treat at Au Chocolat yesterday when we were at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) for an onsite meeting for an upcoming event!





What you probably didn’t know is that Au Chocolat is a made-in-Singapore French-inspired concept store! This store has a bistro dining area and a retail confiserie with a wide selection of chocolate and candy. It is pure French inspired whimsical happy land. Too bad we didn’t have the chance to browse through the pretty little things in their retail store.


We didn’t know it is a local brand and went ahead with an open mind. There were a few hits and misses and it set us back approximately SGD40 each! That is a little pricey for lunch. But oh, what a hearty meal it is! Haha.


Roast Chicken which was rather average (SGD 25)


Au Chocolat Benedict which was total yums (SGD 18). They have a wide selection of all day breakfast!


My unhealthy but stunning Duck Confit (SGD 27)! Love the chocolate sauce which is savoury with a hint of chocolate and the wine soaked pear at the side. Yums. The duck confit it crispy and yummy but a little dry.


Steak Sandwich (SGD 20) was average and the meat is a little overcooked.

Here comes the dessert. We were disappointed that they run out of their apple pie and ordered their chocolate cake, crepes and cheesecake instead.


Their Chocolate cake is yums but way too huge and overwhelming. Their cheesecake platter which comes in four flavours is my personal favourite. Love the salted caramel cheesecake and lemon cheesecake. As for the crepes, it is a safe and comforting dessert.

Overall I thought the meal wasn’t too bad but just a little pricey. But it is definitely a nice place to hang out for brunch with their all day breakfast menu if you happen to be around the area.


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