Savour 2013, Singapore



Was given complimentary tickets to Savour – a 4 days event to unite the best in food and drink that is accessible to all. An event to enjoy Michelin-starred dishes and do some culinary shopping. There are also master classes and live demonstrations for those keen culinary enthusiasts.

We started off at the Gourmet Market where there are various exhibits breaking into Jason Gourmet Market, Savour Gourmet, Savour Lifestyle, Savour Wine and Savour Baking. I thought the Jason Gourmet market was fantastic. With generous sampling of cheese, deli and snacks, you really get to sample some of the best gourmet items. I was tempted to bring home a block of beautiful French Brie but decided against the idea as I will be the only one stuffing my face with it at home.



The rest of the exhibits didn’t excite me much, there were Savour Gourmet, Savour Lifestyle, Savour Wine and Savour Baking. I overheard someone lamenting that there are fewer exhibiters this year and the hall seems sparse compared to previous years. Perhaps it is the first evening of the event and it’s after all a Thursday.

But we did get to eat some yummy pie from The Gourmet Pie Company, they have a booth at Savour Wine and Gourmet Village. We tried their Beef and Onion pie (SGD 6) and it was worth every penny. The beef is in chucks instead of the usual mince meat you see in most pie. But I thought the pie could be slightly bigger! Haha.



We also chanced upon Windowsill Pie at the Savour Baking section and got to sample some of their yummy sweet treats.





Isn’t these bookmarks adorable!


Tiong Bahru Bakery also set up a booth there but tasting bread which was left out in the open for hours doesn’t entice me at all. There were also some baking accessories for sale at the booths from Phoon Huat and Bake King but I’m surprise TOTT was not there!


After touring the Gourmet Market, we proceeded down to the Gourmet Village where the Michelin Stars dishes were! At both the Gourmet Market and Gourmet Village, you need to buy Savour dollars to purchase the food.


Do bring along your Standard Chartered credit cards if you are heading there! They are giving out free Savour Dollars if you topped up SGD 50 or SGD 100 with the card!


We tried Wild Honey’s – a 1 Michelin Star restaurant and chef from UK – Squid and Mackerel burger but was sorely disappointed with the too salty and too oily dish. It looks nothing like the picture.



We also tried the grills from Stellar at 1-Altitude and was treated with yummy lamb rack (SGD16) and beef short rib (SGD16).




Lastly, we tried some dishes from this 1 Michelin Star restaurant from Sweden and declared that their dishes are the best amongst the few that we tried.


Their Cod with Egg of Quail (14) is fantastic. Love the sauce and the fish. The egg was also beautifully done.


Their Chocolate Brioche (SGD6) was yummy too! Love the contrasting sweet (from the cake) and sour taste (from the berry sauce). Yumms.

Overall, it was an expensive pleasant evening spent with yummy food and great company! Managed to catch up with Stephanie – my bestie from our management trainee batch at work – over random topics.

Would I pay to attend this event? I may think twice, because spending so much on bite size Michelin Star dishes while jostling with the crowd is maddening enough. It would have been worst if I have to pay just to get in. But if I am gifted complimentary tickets on a weekday evening, why not! Hah.


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