2 seconds of Fame


After the Gala dinner last night, I appeared on Channel 5 and Channel News Asia for a whole of 2 seconds when the VIPS graced my exhibition booth. As the exhibition ambassador,I did my thing and introduced my booth, rattled on some facts, smiled widely and was extremely friendly.

It’s my side profile and I bet no one can recognize me while I did a little twirl upon knowing about my 2 seconds of fame. Haha. The only thing I’m really glad is that my yoga paid off and for the first time, my arms are not flabby! That’s a huge news! Haha.


About somethingboutrenes

A lady with many random thoughts and braving this whimsical world with a simple faith. In love with all things vintage and pieces with a story to tell. Loves blogging, enjoys Yoga and has an urgent need to travel to maintain sanity.

8 responses to “2 seconds of Fame”

  1. leedear says :

    i was quite sure i saw u on the news! lol.

  2. Lady J says :

    Aww.. nice shot! Did you get ‘star-struck’? I know I did when I saw the PM.. hehe

  3. wongyuhui says :

    And yes beautiful arms ;-)

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