Simple Black Gown for the Gala Evening


As promised, here’s the posts about my dress! In my previous post where I shared about my heels for the Gala dinner, I mentioned that I picked up a simple black gown for the evening.

Here are some simple selection criteria I had while picking up the dress.

  • Nothing too flamboyant like red (even though I will love it) or shimmering gold. I’m there to work and not in Oscar.
  • Nothing too revealing or figure hugging. I need to walk around a lot and meet important guests the entire evening and can I emphasize enough, I’m there to work. Hah.
  • Something that makes me look sharp and on the ball but yet formal, welcoming and appropriate.
  • Something that I can walk around in. So train is a big no no.
  • Something that I can look good in.
  • Something forgettable so that I can wear it again in other functions.

With these criteria in mind I bought a simple black gown (SGD129) with Boss’s help. It is a tube gown, black and structured. Nothing flamboyant, nothing revealing, formal and I can walk around in it pretty easily. I think I look decent in it.

I bought this dress from Lisa Penny Fashion Design (yes, it sounds old school) who specialise in evening gowns. The designs from this shop can be very old school and flamboyant but with some patience, I think you can find something simple. I like that they can provide altering services at a fee (I paid SGD30) and you can alter multiple times before your final collection to ensure that it fits you.

Lisa Penny is in City Plaza (#02-51 / 6747 1260), Far East Plaza (#02-70 / 6732 7622 and Jurong Point (#02-39 / 6316 0017)


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2 responses to “Simple Black Gown for the Gala Evening”

  1. Lady J says :

    Looking good! :)

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