Review of Twistband Hair ties

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A while back, I spotted these Twistband retailing at Watsons and couldn’t resist buying one of them! I hate it when my hair has this HUGE bump at the back whenever I let down my hair after a day of tying them up in a ponytail! I tried those hairbands that looks like springs but it wasn’t tight enough for me. So when I came across this, it was a godsend.

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It claims to not create any dent when you tie your hair and it was founded by a mother in the states. Here’s a little history about Twistband which is extracted from their site.

“Like all great inventions, Twistband was born out of necessity. After having a baby, Jessica Frandson grew tired of having her hair tugged by the little one and quickly learned the least painful hairstyle for a new mom was a ponytail. She made sure to always have her hair up and kept a second band on her wrist as a backup. Traditional hair bands hurt her head and her wrist, so she twisted a soft piece of elastic trim to hold back her hair, thus creating the first Twistband. A few weeks later she was looking to write down a phone number and in the absence of a notepad, she wrote the number onher Twistband, and the custom message Twistband was born. In 2009 she officially launched the Twistband brand and began selling the product at retail stores nationwide. Jessica serves as the president of Twistband, overseeing all aspects of the emerging brand.”

– Source: Twistband

It doesn’t help that it comes in these pretty prints!

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The only and major setback? It is too pricey and is definitely overpriced! The printed ones is priced at SGD 10.90. But I had to buy them to try it on my own! So I got the basic ones at SGD 6.90!

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I tried it, had my hair tied up with these for five hours and there is still a little bump. But probably five times smaller than the usual bump! I still love it! I will be using them whenever I have a dinner date or an event which requires me to let my hair down!

I did a simple googling and found this posts which teaches us how to DIY these twistbands by using Fold-Over Elastic (or FOE) material! It is incredibly easy if you manage to get the material, you can probably find them in Spotlight or Chinatown! Also, I will suggest burning the ends of this band to prevent it from fraying!

So will I pay for it? Yes I guess but I will buy one pack and use it preciously and try to see if I can get FOE to make some on my own! If it is cheaper, say SGD 3, I will buy plenty to use it every other day and save the trouble to DIY!


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5 responses to “Review of Twistband Hair ties”

  1. huisi says :

    Hi may I know which watsons? Or do you know which Watson(s) sell these?

  2. Margaret says :

    Ngee Ann City Watsons has all collections! :)

  3. joshandkorey says :

    Thanks for linking! I’m glad you liked my post. :)

  4. Jessica Allan Schmidt says :

    I noted that they’re selling them ridiculously cheap on . I was browsing that site (frankly, it doesn’t appeal — I’m constantly trying to get rid of samples and various beauty trial sizes, I know what I like, you know?) but I noted the twistbands and was curious. Yours happens to be the top non-Amazon review (and we all know how frequently Amazon reviews are gamed), so I clicked. They are selling them, I think, 12 for $18?

    As a young mom, I did a lot of DIY stuff, but now that I’m 32, I no longer have the energy or patience, Plus Which I tended to find that once I’d taken everything into account to make the products to “save money”, I tended to lose money, even before I took into account the value of my own time …

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