Groupon Deal: Brazilian IPL by Beyond Beauty

A few months back, I bought a Groupon deal for 3 sessions of Brazilian IPL at Beyond Beauty. I like that it is near my yoga studio and my sister tried it and think it is effective. So after the third session, I bought a 12 session Bare Bikini package at $686 (inclusive of GST) and it came with free whitening every session. This deal is made possible by quoting my sister and her friend’s contact number and it is a previous promotional price and given by referral only. At least I hope it’s true.

Anyway, if you have never tried IPL session before, you can get the Groupon deal and give it a try. It is less painful than waxing but it is definitely not painless. It is however, very tolerable. Almost like eyebrow tweezing. Haha.

photo (20)

The environment at Beyond Beauty is comfortable, clean and spa like. Their service is also fairly good and not extremely pushy.

photo (21)

photo (16)

photo (17)

IPL illustration

After 2 Groupon sessions, this is what’s left down under. Hopefully with 12 sessions, it will be gone for a very long time. Haha.

photo (18)

While walking around Orchard Central, I also chanced upon a poster with their mall promotion details! Apparently, customers can redeem SGD 30 Orchard Central vouchers with more than SGD 300 charged to Mastercard! It is a shopping habit I frequent practice, to always look out for such mall promotions! So I happily received SGD 30 Orchard Central Vouchers which I can use for some ice cream treat the next time after Yoga! Haha.

photo (15)

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One response to “Groupon Deal: Brazilian IPL by Beyond Beauty”

  1. Jaime says :

    I’m posting this to prevent more ladies from falling for Dermis Beauty Wellness at Bencoolen Street gimmicks (or scams I would call it). They have advertised on several coupons platforms and one of it is the 6/9/12 sessions of Brazilian IPL. Don’t fall for it, don’t buy!

    I bought a voucher from for 6 sessions for Brazilian IPL at Dermis Beauty Wellness 2 months back. As stated in the voucher, it is meant to be Brazilian, meaning the entire area. If the company is only going to provide a bikini line service, then it should be written on the terms and conditions. False advertising. However, when I arrived for my first appointment, I was told by the China lady that it is only valid for 10 “zaps” per session and any additional “zap” would cost me $3. I was only informed about this just before my treatment, when I was already lying on the treatment bed. Initially, I told the lady that I will only go for 10 zaps in that case but the lady persuaded me that an additional 10 zaps would only cost me $30. With that, I thought that the whole treatment will only take 20 zaps and I agreed since it was quite affordable and Brazilian is such a small part. However, to my horror, I was told that a total of 51 zaps were done after the treatment! Of cos, the whole idea was not to make me pay ONLY for the 41 zaps, but to make me sign a package of “unlimited” zaps during the 6 sessions which costs $588!

    Thinking that I didn’t want to purchase a whole package, I asked her if I can forego the remaining 5 sessions which amounts to a total of 50 zaps and use that to offset what I have done. She refused to budge and even raised her voice at me and demanded for the payment when I started negotiating with her for some time. I didn’t want to argue with her anymore and paid $123 for that 41 zaps.

    I tried to contact them for a refund and they are only willing to refund me $40 on the condition that I remove all those reviews I posted online. Ridiculous! Decided not to take that $40 as I’m not that hard up to accept this kind of arrangement. Furthermore, if they are afraid of bad press, then don’t resort to such tricks in the first place! I urge all the ladies out there to google before you purchase any of such deals. I’m considering putting up a case with CASE.

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