The Good and Bad of Laduree Singapore

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By now macaroon lovers must have heard the news that the famous Laduree hailing all the way from Paris is here in Singapore in Takashimaya! Last Saturday, Yvonne, Alphania and I went to queue up for some yummy macaroons! The snaking queue was well managed and we queued for under twenty minutes before it was our turn.

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The pastel pops of colours made me happy and I love their pretty decors!

However, there is something that irked me badly. Neither do I mind the wait nor the price, but poor and inconsiderate packaging of the macaroons is a big put off.

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My poor macaroons all ended up in a paper bag just because I didn’t buy eight pieces or more! I bought four pieces and all on them ended up in the same paper bag. Can you imagine if you buy seven pieces? Yes, they will all end up in a paper bag!

These macaroons are neither cheap curry puffs nor hardy food that can be tossed around and stay intact. Despite that, these pretties ended up in a paper bag like those we get from Old Chang Kee (a local fried food chain)! Even Bengawan Solo (a local traditional pastry chain) gave us plastic boxes to protect their kuehs (traditional pastries).

I don’t care if the box is ugly as long as it protects my delicate babies before I give it to my friend! In the end, I paid SGD 15.20 without feeling happy after leaving the store. Bad and inconsiderate service indeed. In the end, when I presented my macaroon to boss the next day, one of them is crushed.

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The saving grace came from the macaroons itself. They are pure goodness. They are indeed the best macaroons I’ve ever tasted. Much better than those from Bakerzin and Canele!

I tried Salted Caramel (yums and not too sweet), Chocolate Yuzu (Love the sweet and sour contrast), Rose (my all time favourite macaroon flavour) and Marie Antoinette (no idea what’s in there but the colour is nice!)

photo (6)

First of all, the texture of the macaroon shell. It is consistent with every bite. Soft but yet firm throughout. It is neither squashy (except the one which got crushed) nor crunchy and it is incredible fluffy, light and yummy.

Next, the fillings. They are not overpowering sweet but yet the taste and flavour is distinctive. I love that it is not sweet but very fragrant and so good.

Is it worth SGD 3.80? Yes for every bite. But would I buy them as gifts? Not in those paper bags. It is not because we are not willing to buy eight macaroons but it can be a little excessive for one person or two! I would probably pop by for some when the buzz and crowd is gone in the future.

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