Indulging in Books.

After discovering these authors, I have cultivated a new habit of reading. I love that I can depend on my trusty book and rely less on my phone during those train rides. I have also grown to spend lesser time in front of television and indulge in a good book instead.

The genre of books I read differ greatly from what I used to read too! I read a lot of light heart and brainless chick flicks in the past, but now, I am really into thrillers, crimes, and fiction of investigative nature. It is all too exciting! Haha.

Here are my favourite authors and the books that I have read recently!

Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child’s Pendagast Series: I have finally completed their first two books – Relic and Reliquary! It is a bittersweet emotion to read all their books. It means the end of Pendagast till their next release!

Linwood Barclay’s Bad Guys is good too. Nothing like the Pendagast series where history and facts are presented with New York as the backdrop. But this book about a reporter – Zack Walker – who got caught in a whirl of crimes while getting an insight in the life of a private investigator is good as well.

Douglas Preston’s Tyrannosaur Canyon is a joy to read! It is about finding out the identity of a fossil hunter who got murdered after his latest discovery of a complete fossil of T-Rex. His latest discovery holds the key to the answers of dinosaurs’ extinction and if misused may pose a threat to mankind.

photo (26)

I’ve just borrowed another three books and am really excited to start reading them!

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