Life Lessons my Mother taught me

In tribute to my Mum for the coming Mother’s Day, I thought I should summarize some of the life lessons she taught me. I may not practice all of these for a 100 percent, but I try my best. My mum don’t read my blog and I am not someone who expresses familial love easily, but here goes.

Here are some life lessons that my mum taught me:-


(1) Be generous to those in need: My mum is the most generous person I’ve seen. She often lends money to her friends / relatives and not expecting them to return back to her. She also volunteers weekly to help distribute food bags to needy families. I’m very proud of her in this aspect.

(2) Never let people who is picking you up with a car wait at the roadside: As a kid, whenever we ask for a ride home / elsewhere, she expects us to be at the pickup location earlier or on time. As I grew older, I understand the inconvenience of having the car wait at the roadside with ongoing traffic. These days, even though I can’t be early or on time all the time, I try my best to be early and wait patiently with a book in hand.

(3) Cherish siblings relationship: My mum is very close to her sisters and they have gatherings at my grandma’s place every week. She also gives monthly allowance to her elder sister because she is retired and has no income. I can tell that she really takes care of her siblings and their relationship is very tight knitted. I love you sister and bro too!

(4) Put in effort in my dressing and makeup: I remember when I was a teenager, I mum will make sure that I draw my eyebrows to perfection. Whenever I try drawing my eyebrows without her guidance in the past, I will end up with two caterpillars on my face and for sure she will nag at me.

(5) Be open minded and accepting: My mum is the coolest mum of all time. I remembered when I came home telling her that I want to convert to Christianity when I was 16. She is totally cool about it. She told me that even if I chose to marry someone of a different race and believe in a different religion, as long as I’m happy, she is cool with it. She is one who allows us to make mistakes in life. We can choose to do anything as long as we are happy, live with no regrets and answer for our decisions.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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2 responses to “Life Lessons my Mother taught me”

  1. caroline says :

    Oh this is so nice! You should send her a link to this post.

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