Codex by Douglas Preston


I’m just done with Douglas Preston’s Codex and love every bit of it! This book is published before Tyrannosaurus Canyon and I love that they used the same character Tom Broadbent and his wife Sally. I like the way Preston builds the characters with various novels and gives it more personality and history in the read.

In this book Codex, it is about Tom’s dad’s – Maxwell Broadbent – last wish and game plan for his three sons. Maxwell Broadbent is a treasure hunter and tomb robber who amassed a huge collection of rare art, gems and artifacts. But unwilling to simply give out his inheritance to his three sons without making them work for it, he created a challenge for them to hunt for his treasures while burying himself (a dying man with cancer) along with all his rare collections. The race is on among the brothers and others who heard of this challenge. Exciting writing about the journey of the three sons where they hope to uncover the treasures in South America and met various challenges along the way!


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