A smashing good time at The Cajun Kings

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The Cajun King
Add: 15-1 Jalan Riang, Serangoon, Singapore 358987
Tel: 6284 4426

Last evening, a group of us went to Cajun King to have a messy seafood dinner. Tucked in the middle of private estate in Serangoon, we made a reservation for seven at 830pm on a Saturday and was given an outdoor seat. Initially we were a little apprehensive about sitting outside because of the heat, but their service was impeccable. They brought out a fan for us and extended our tables after all our food arrived and it got a little cramp. In the end, we enjoyed the privacy outside and it was most interesting to people watch while having a smashing good time pounding the lobster.

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The food was literally finger licking good. We were not given cutlery (except for the Gumbo) and were using our fingers throughout dinner. We ordered a lot of food and most of them was stunning but it was incredible pricey too. Let’s take a look of what we ordered.

For starters, we ordered their Garlic Fries (Absolute yums, we ordered a second serving thereafter), King’s Wings (was ok and a tat oily), Fried Calamari (yummy and chewy), Buttermilk Frog leg (my first time having fried frog leg, yums) and 2 servings of Gumbo (slightly disappointing).

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After our yummy starters we were really looking forward to our main – The Seafood Boil! There are three different flavours to choose from, their OG Boil (original), King’s Mix (Spicy spice) and Garlic Butter. All of these flavours were really good! All seafood boils came in plastic bags! We were given plastic bips (perfect for messy eater like me!), mallet (for the lobster) and tons of serviettes.

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We had one Dungeness Crab (SGD 80 each!), 1 serving of Red Sea Prawn (250g), 1 serving of Blue Mussels (250g) and 1 serving of Bi-color Corn in OG Boil! We wanted two Dungeness Crab but they ran out of them! Spoke to one of the owners and apparently, a lot of those yummy crabs went to China because of their Golden Week. Sad. Their corn is a must have. It was juicy and very sweet!

photo (1)

As for the Garlic Butter, we had the prawn, mussels and corn in them!

photo (8)

Lastly the spicy King’s Mix, we had a Boston Maine Lobster (SGD 77 each!), prawn, mussels and corn in them.

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It was all so good! Together with some beer and cider, we raked up the bill to $520 for a group of 7. Wow. It is pricey but we had a really good time!

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Great company, great food and great service! What’s there to complain? It is a great place for a group of friends to comfortably devour your seafood unglamorously!


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5 responses to “A smashing good time at The Cajun Kings”

  1. caroline says :

    OMG that looks just fabulous!

  2. Get Your Grub On! says :

    heard about it this morning and feel like crab ever since!!!!!! great review thanks!

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