Chef Tony’s Popcorn

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Last year, Chef Tony’s hailing from Philippines took the popcorn scene by a storm (ok, maybe not a storm, but a shower) and when I tried it, I declare it better than Garrett. Some may not agree but don’t get me wrong, I like Garrett too. The first few bites are always yummy but after a while, it gets all greasy in the tongue and sick in the stomach. It is just too heavy, too sweet or too oily. Yikes.

photo (17)

But for Chef Tony’s, it is fluffy, light, crunchy, non greasy and so addictive. I bought some and sneak them into cinema while watching Iron Man 3 and before I knew it, half a tub is gone. Poof! You can get them here if you are looking for it. I bought mine at a pushcart stall at Orchard Central.


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