Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

This year I’m tasked to buy Mother’s Day presents for my mum, God-mas and grandmas while my sister is slogging away with her last examination in her life.

Here are some ideas I’ve got while squeezing my brain out for the various types of mums in the world! From the top left going in clockwise direction!

  • For tired mums who deserves some pampering and mother-daughter time, bring her to a massage session.
  • For practical mums, bring her on a grocery shopping spree. [I’m sort of doing this for my grandma!]
  • For yoga guru mums, get her a yoga towel for better grip and comfort while she sweats it out
  • For youth loving mums, get her the elixer from Estee Lauder to maintain her eternal youth. [Perfect for my mum!]
  • For romantic mums, a pretty carnation and rose arrangement in a simple vase!
  • For classic mums, a gorgeous pair of pearl earrings
  • For rarely makeup mums, bring her on a makeover and photoshoot session!

I hope you got some gift ideas for your well deserving mums over here! Feel free to add on to this list!


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