Singa throws in the towel


I can’t believe this. Even our Courtesy Lion, Singa, gave up on us. Many foreigners may laugh at Singapore for coming up with all sorts of campaigns and mascots to drive Singaporeans to do something. The Courtesy Campaign, Kindness Movement, Speak Good English campaign and what not. It may seems ridiculous to many that the government needs to teach Singaporean’s to be courteous, gracious and kind. But having Singa, our courtesy lion throwing in the towel? This is sad. I will miss Singa whom I’ve known all my life but the saddest part is having Singa giving up on Singapore, submitting a grouchy resignation letter and turning into one of the ugly Singaporeans. One who rants, one who complains and one who gives up and decides to do nothing. I expected him to have the never say die attitude. To keep going but I guess, Singa is also ordinary like us. Perhaps the government realizes that using a mascot is no longer effective but Singa resigning? GAWH.


I believe Singaporeans can be gracious. It is weird when the adaptable Singaporeans can be in all smiles when living aboard but seems ungracious and ugly back home. Perhaps it’s the stress, the environment, the overcrowding or whatever excuses we can come out with. But I believe Singaporeans can be kind, courteous and gracious just because I’ve seen it.

  • I know of someone who picks up snails from the sidewalks to the grass patch just to prevent them from being crushed by walking pedestrians.
  • I know of someone who befriends foreigners at work to ease them into our culture.
  • I know of someone who stopped the car in the middle of the road and let pedestrians cross the road. The same person also stopped the car, got off the car and helped an elderly crossed the road.
  • My sister volunteers every weekend despite her busy school and social schedules.
  • I say “Hello”, “Goodbye” and “Good night” to the taxi drivers every time without fail.
  • I will gently remind people to give up their seats if I spotted a pregnant woman or an elderly.

These people are Singaporeans and we are capable of being kind, gracious and courteous. So, get out and smile people.


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