My own Saltwater Sandals from Soon Lee

I finally bought my Saltwater sandals from Soon Lee at Haji Lane and am glad to spend a Saturday afternoon exploring this area and Kampung Glam like a tourist! If you have never been to Haji Lane area you totally should! Took tons of pictures while exploring this place. Haha. Ok, back to my Saltwater sandals!

photo (34)

photo (30)

photo (31)

SGD 89 for metallic ones and SGD 85 for basic colours. This is so pricey especially when it is only selling at US 39.90 on Modcloth! But with all the shipping and all, it will probably add up to be about the same or I will probably save SGD 10 plus minus.

photo (29)

Tadah! I tried it for a short while last night and it is absolutely comfortable and felt really sturdy! Love the retro look and tan leather! This same design has lasted for over 60 years!

photo (28)

The only not so exciting factor about this sandals is that, it is actually made in China! There are currently made in USA and China and gosh, China is indeed the world’s factory.

photo (25)

photo (27)

Anyway, back to these sandals, they are water, saltwater and sand resistant and even their buckles are made of rust proof brass material. I love that the sole is double stitched with a vulcanised rubber outsole which is made to last! Perfect for beach holiday and even everyday wear in this unpredictable weather in Singapore. They are extremely comfortable, durable (will let time be the test) and perfectly ok to run around in them at the beach!

photo (26)

The sizing is a little confusing because they are not in your regular sizing and is in UK size. Here is something I found online for our reference. Upon trying out the sandals, it is supposed to be a little snug when worn as the leather will expand and before your first wear, you can run it in water, put your foot in and wear them. This will allow the sandal to conform to your feet making it even more comfortable! I’m a 6.5 US size and European 36.5. In the end, I bought a size 4/w6.

Sizing Reference

4/w6 – 23cm (european 36)
5/w7 – 23.5cm (european 37)
6/w8 – 24cm (european 38)
7/w9 – 25cm (european 39)
8/w10 – 26cm (european 40)
9/w11 – 27cm (european 41)


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6 responses to “My own Saltwater Sandals from Soon Lee”

  1. Mavis says :

    Did you soak it in water and put it on? Did your feet really mould it?

  2. Maggie says :

    Your boutique is so cute! I really like it! This reminds of a boutique in Elk Grove where I get my salt-water sandals and bear-paw boots! They also ship out to other places just in case you don’t live here in town! I hear they have great online specials! You ladies should check them out at


  3. Mya says :

    Hi, just read about your sizing guide. May I know how long your foot is? Mine is 23-23,5 cm and I’m confused about the sizing reference you gave earlier. Is it for the foot and would there still be any space from the end of our toe to the end of the sandal? Or is it the length of the sandal?

    I’m guessing size 4/w6 or 5/w7 will fit me, but then again, people keep writing to order a smaller size cause it will fit anyway. Please help me :) Thanks!

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