Shopping at JEM

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50 Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore 608549
(Connected via link bridge at the other end of Jurong East MRT Station)

With all the hype around the delay of opening of JEM in the beginning of this week, the people in the West are really excited to see it finally opened today! I joined in the hype as I spent some quality me time shopping and dining. I love JEM! Like many others, I love that all the international brands are just at my door step, brands like H&M, Sephora, Paris Baguette, Uniqlo and more!


Their mocha is great!



I hate the crowd though. The ungracious crowd seriously irks me. As I was trying to find a seat at Paris Baguette, two middle age ladies snatch my seat right under my nose. While I was almost done with my food, two guys came and waited patiently for me to finish up my drink. Whe I was about to get out of my seat, a young girl quickly walked over and grabbed the seat while ignoring the two guys who waited patiently. I hate ungracious Singaporeans and told the two guys in my sweetest voice possible and a wide smile on my face, “I think you are here first, you can have my seat.”. The guys though surprised by my gesture were surely glad. No surprise, the young lady was pissed. As I walked out the store, she commented loudly, “What a bitch.” HAHA. Was I affected by the young lady’s remark? Absolutely not! Because I know I’m not and look who’s the bitch. I continued shopping and enjoyed my me time there after while the young lady can fume all she wants. Oh, am I bitchy. Haha.


I got myself a Clarisonic Mia 2 after reading a lot of reviews raving about it. Will try it and review it another day! Sephora is the only legal distributor in Singapore for Clarisonic and it comes with 2 years warranty for Mia 2!


Got myself plenty of new clothes from H&M! They gave out pretty flower pin and facial wash!


A random blue dress from a blogshop store.

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5 responses to “Shopping at JEM”

  1. Lady J says :

    Yay to ME time… I got the Clarisonic Mia too, its not bad but I need to use it more often. And wow, thats loads of pretty stuff you got from H&M! :)

  2. YuHui says :

    Looks like a great place to check out! (love the dresses you got from H&M). But it’s sooooo far! Hahaha for me at least. LOL

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