Smoke gets in my Eyes, Singapore


I totally need to rant on this. For readers who are not from Singapore, you are probably unaware of the haze we are experiencing here. The sky looks gloomy, the air smells smokey, and people are falling ill and getting nose, throat and eyes irritation. This is one of the worst Haze since 1997!

I am pissed, so very pissed.

All because of the irresponsible farmers in Sumatra, Indonesia who decides to set fire to forest, we are experiencing this poor air quality for days! The Indonesian government is blaming investors from Singapore for this? This is a joke. If their government allows commercial interests to be of higher regard than the environment, who is to blame? It is happening in their land!

Instead of deploying aircrafts to drop water over Sumatra Island immediately, they deployed firefighters on ground. Hello?! We are talking about forest fires causing unhealthy haze to neighbouring countries! Shouldn’t there be greater urgency?

What pisses me off is that all our green efforts vanished just like that. We worked hard during Earth Hour, No Smoking Day, daily recycling and bringing my our bag efforts but all these efforts got wiped clean just because of their irresponsibility? Hmph. And we pride ourselves for being a clean and green city garden!

Enough ranting, with this depressing haze going on, Singaporeans are also getting creative. Here are some funny ones which I’ve collected from Facebook! Haha.

photo (65)

photo (64)

photo (61)


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7 responses to “Smoke gets in my Eyes, Singapore”

  1. Natalie Koh says :

    LOL I love all those Sgag memes and tweets popping up. Hilarious. But nothing beats what the Indonesian spokesperson said lah. Good thing it’s cleared up a bit today though! I feel like I can breathe a little easier. Heh

  2. squareberry86 says :

    I have stomachache and fever. Can haze cause stomachache?

  3. caroline says :

    Wow! We get that kind of haze too sometimes but it’s because of forest fires and then it’s unbearable!

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