How to make jokes about the SG Haze

I totally need to reblog this. This babe is way too funny! Hahaha.


SG Haze Singapore Flyer

(Facebook — Straits Times)

Yesterday, the PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) in Singapore hit 155, which is well into the unhealthy range (101-200) set by the National Environment Agency. For anyone who isn’t from Singapore, we get this insane haze like once a year because our neighbouring country, Indonesia, likes to organise nationwide barbecues to unify their people.

Just kidding, they like to burn down forests for plantations.

But anyway, naturally, Singaporeans’ immediate reactions were to make jokes about it. We are, after all, a funny people. So if you’re feeling left out and don’t know how to jump in with your own joke, here’s a guide to help you out!

1. Talk about how you don’t need a filter for Instagram anymore!

SGAG Instagram SG Haze

Like in most other tech-savvy countries, Singaporeans loovvvveeee Instagram – we’ve even come up with an acronym for it: IG. Thanks to the haze, we no longer need…

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